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  1. I am fairly new at driving, going on my 2nd year. So today I am going thru an intersection and this guy decides to come from a stop and drive into the driver's side of the car. No injuries, just damage to his truck. I cleared the intersection, he stops at his line(indicates to me that he sees me). UPS say it's a tier III accident, so I don't know if I will be allowed to drive tomorrow. My on car says it's nothing I could have done. Cops declared it his fault since he was making a left turn and failed to yield. Any idea or ideas of what to expect?
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    You get to explain you accident at the pcm, plus you get a drive along. Safe driving record is also broken.
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    Of course, Klein doesn't work for UPS anymore and hasn't in awhile, so take with a grain of salt.
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    Intersection accidents are always classifed Tier III. Were you taken out of service or were you allowed to finish the day? UPS will normally take you out of service until their investigation is complete which will determine whether the accident was avoidable or unavoidable. This determination is independant of that which was made by the police officer. It is not unusual for our guy to be charged with an avoidable accident even though the police cited the other driver as being at fault.

    If you are not on road tomorrow you should ask if you can make up your hours working in the hub, whether on the preload, metro or both. I would think that you would be back on road, if not tomorrow, then certainly by Friday.

    Do yourself a favor--ignore Klein. He is no longer an employee at UPS.
  5. I finished my pick ups, that's the only thing I had left. One sup says out of service until they tell them something. My on car sup says back on the road tomorrow with a safety ride. Strange thing is just yesterday they followed me observing my driving and delivery methods. Only thing they said needed improving was my "walk pace."
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    Hey, we had a record of 25+ accidents within 3 months...... it got routine for them....and for us ! Even got safety experts called in from Toronto, and the US.
    Only 1 of those accidents, a driver got a suspension. It was a rollover..... she got 5 days, I think. That pc was totalled, among with 2 others in that period.

    Nobody else did.

    But, the pcm sure sucked.... kinda embarresing to stand up there, explain the accident, and others be asked how it could have been avoided.

    Remember, this was just last year... but, you guys are right , should have kept quiet on this thread.... SORRY :( won't do it, again.. promise.
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    Everyone has a saftey ride after and accident. They also will probably make you take a couple of assesments test on the computer. Make sure your up to speed on the 10 point commentary and 5 seeing habits.
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    One of our guys was travelling on a highway when an on coming truck pulling a trailer with a lawn mower on turned right in front of him. Our driver locked them up and missed the truck but hit the trailer.

    The man was arrested on the spot for DUI and blew twice the legal limit. He never signalled and said he never saw our truck coming toward him in the other lane.

    Intersection accident , tier III , 24 yr driver retiring next summer........ and of course we all know the answer from the people who drive desks.... found to be avoidable.

    Happened on a Fiday he was back to work on Wednesday.
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    If you drove after the crash, you are in the clear. No way can they take you out now, if it was bas enough to take you out of service why would they let you drive right after. Nothing should come of this other than a safety ride tomorrow, if they don't let you drive tomorrow get your bussiness agent on the phone while your still at the center and have him talk to the center manager.
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    Hey Moreluck and upsstateNYUPsr:

    I am a former UPSer. Spent several years throwing parcels and loading PC's. Am I now not allowed to participate on Brown Cafe? You both act as though one must be a current employee to participate. More...are you a current employee????

    Why say "Ignore Klein"????
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    there are factions on this board that do not want to hear from former UPSers because they are too busy perpetuating the insanity that has overcome this company....

    sounds like facism to me but who am I?

    A former UPSISer...........
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    fedwg & ismah, thank-you !

    Most upser's should have the union to thank, and not UPS for their wages.

    As far as safety is concerned, UPS is just like BP. Taking short cuts everywhere they can !
    Make their drivers in the middle of winter and winter blizzards, drive without snow/winter tires.
    Make them drive without sufficient heat or cooling, depending on season.
    (pretty sad, that you need to stop delivering, and stop the truck, because of the windchill and cold, the windshield will freeze up, and most of the time drivers in Edmonton on cold winter days, only have a tiny golfhole of an un-iced windshield to look thru.)
    Besides, that we need to stop in the middle of the road and most times hold up oncomming traffic, because with our all season , half bold, tires, we can't park, and deliver in snow.

    Then, ofcourse, no truck is provided with airbags, but instead have nice hard steel dashes.

    Remember UPS'ers : The Union provided you with good money and bennies..... what does the company provide you with ?
    (used to be an xmas turkey, and some $20 safe driving rewards), but they took that away, too.

    Be proud to be Teamster first, UPS second !
    Hopefully, UPS will improve on safety issues, they have it nice in writing, not to lift over 90lbs by yourself... try that for a day or 2 , and ask for help.....
    And how the hell they still find or make vehicles with manuel steering, and an outdated standard gearshift, must be a request from UPS on it's own....

    I seen enough blogs on here.. drivers get hurt, go on wcb, and get fired..... thats UPS for ya !

    I tell ya, when I got fired, I just said to myself exactly in these words : " They can find another slave" !!!
    (but, yes, UPS doesn't pay as much in Canada as in the US - UPS is just average pay here) - so , no big loss.

    But, we do the same job as you, but don't think we are "special" like you UPS'ers. (best job in the world) .

    Sorry. just had to finally rage about it !
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    More did not offer advice.

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    Klein not being an active UPSer has little to do with the reasons not to pay any attention to him.
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    fxdwg.....I really think you need to be an employee to answer technical questions about the job. Things could've changed since you left the company. For that matter, if you are not in the same area as the OP, the info. you provide may not be applicable to his area.

    I don't pretend to know the info. the OP asked for. About the only thing I might say to a newbie is.....Did you get your UPS socks yet?? (standing joke)

    I am not now, nor have I ever been employed by UPS.
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    The only way you can be charged with an unavoidable accident is as follows:
    1)Package car parked in 1st gear.
    2)E-brake applied.
    3)keys out of the ign.
    4)4 way flashers on.
    5)You had the day off, and was at home.........
    The fact that they let you finish the day is good. You should get a ride along, do some tests on the 'puter, and lose your safe driving award.
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    6) be the shinning star on the OR daily.

    The undeniable truth is, the rules are applied on a biased and need to know bases. If the center manager or even his/her boss doesn't feel the Safety Dept. doesn't need to know, they don't.
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    Agreed. If you drove after the crash then it's safe to assume that it wasn't serious enough to take you out of service. According to the contract you can be taken off the road for a number of days while the accident is under investigation but you have to be offered inside work during this time. You're not considered "out of service" during this time, just off the road with pay pending the outcome of the investigation. It seems that the investigation should have started immediately after the crash though.
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    the person you're talking about is also a former upsers wife. you should know your audience before taking your shots.