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  1. cooper

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    I have had a minor incident a few weeks ago and have been terminated. I'm in the middle of stating my case but would like some fed back - tips.
    So how I managed to hit a customers van at one of my stops. I don't remember hitting it and the damage on my bumper was only a few scratches. The customers car damage was paid out at 500.00. The customer did not report this damage until the next day roughly I assume around 8am. Ups has terminated me right now because I failed to report this collision. I try and try to tell them I had no idea I hit this vehicle and if I did know I hit it I would of just said so. Now I have no other accidents, or tickets and have been an employee for ups for almost 3 years without a sick day.

    Any info back would be great.

    I also worked out of Ontario.

  2. i-dont-bleed-brown

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    Do you mean you work in Ontario, Canada? As far as being terminated I know in our building they have a surplus of drivers and are getting rid of anybody for any reason...even in peak when they used to get sales reps to help out in their own cars. Working there is a thankless job and all I can say is keep after your business agent( you did file a grievance didn't you?) and you will be back;probably in a couple of weeks and it will be considered a time served suspension with no chance for back pay.
    When you come back remember that management is not your friend and never do anything extra for this company. I myself have learned this the hard way and it is a real eye opener.
    Happy holidays.
  3. menotyou

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    where is the proof you did it?
  4. cooper

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    The proof there was brown paint on the customers bumper!! That was all . Like I said it was very minor! Yeah I work in Canada.
  5. brown_trousers

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    we are not the only ones driving brown cars.... was the paint color matched to a UPS brown? was the height of the dent consistent with the scratch on your bumper? was the suspected driveway along your route?

    a "brown" dent is hardly conclusive of anything without further evidence.
  6. cooper

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    Back to work today thanks everyone. I love this site.
  7. menotyou

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  8. brown_trousers

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    lol, brown paint is obviously proof that he did it! It definitely couldn't have been any of the other millions of brown vehicles on the road.

    ...If they had found a long dark hair next to the dented car, it obviously would have been Menotyou that hit the car, because she has long dark hair, and it couldn't have been any of the other 2 billion women out there with long dark hair :)

    I had no idea solving mysteries was this easy! I'd make a good detective.
  9. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    I was being very sarcastic in that 'better' comment.