ACLU+Obama=Destroyed CIA

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    Actually, the title is so far from being true that if it was, I'd first off donate money to the ACLU and then I'd vote for Obama. But I can say all of this and not worry because it's nowhere close to ever coming true!
    :happy-very: I only like sure bets! :wink2:

    That said:

    People quickly forget that the CIA was a post WW2/Cold War creation who's real work has to do with political motivations rather than true security and national defense. America would be well served to abolish this cold war relic and turn intelligence as it relates to national security back over to the people who's constitutional mandate is this area and that is the US Military. Since they have to fight these wars to begin with, I'd trust their judgement before I'd trust a bunch of political operators out to achieve a global economic agenda. The duty of the military is to the American people and them only!

    Eustace Mullins (Secrets of the Federal Reserve), stated one time that CIA stood for Central Investment Agency. The more I read and the more history of the agency is revealed by folks like Chalmers Johnson and Micheal Scheuer, the more I'm convinced these guys (CIA) really have another agenda than we believe or rather led to believe.

    Also to suggest that the ACLU and Obama together will be the death of the CIA hunting down "islamic fanatics" seems to fly in the face of people who know and are the experts on what the CIA is doing. Take for example Micheal Scheuer, who was a 22 year CIA agent and who set up the CIA hunt for Bin Laden back in 1995', complaining in July of 2006' about the CIA taking down this operation. Now one might find something to blame the ACLU in this if one dug and stretched but blaming Obama who at the time was at best a rookie Senator and may not have been aware that in the coming Feb. he would announce his intention to run for President. That can be debated because Sen. Harry Reid is alleged to have suggested Obama run for President maybe sometime in 2005'.

    It might prove more useful to ask the Bush adminstration why in mid 2006' they opted to end this whole process if finding and rooting out these radical types was so important. Or was it just that these "radicals" had served their "geopolitical and economic" purposes and now it was time to move on to the next cause for the empire?

    But let's just cut to the chase so to speak.

    Rankings of some commie liberal? Some leftist panty wasted pinko not deserving of the good life in Amercia? Some treasonous scum who should be tarred and feathered on sight?

    Guess again Sweet Pea. I'll not bury this link behind words so you can see the actual source itself.


    Yeah, that!

    Did you ever once think the reason those ignorant towel headed radicals hate "OUR DEMOCRACY" so much is they see the "HYPOCRISY" within "OUR DEMOCRACY" and want no part of it. Also, the first principle of freedom and liberty is to recognize the right to property and the pursuit of happiness.





    From a purely military threat to the geographic landmass known by all of us to comprise of the individual States into what we call the United States, in 1953' how did Iran's gov't pose a threat to that geographic sphere using the threat parameters listed by the CIA itself to justify out govt's overthrow of a duly elected democratic gov't of those folks own choosing?

    As I stated in the outset, the CIA is a rogue agency within our gov't not set out for the purpose of defending this nation under the constitutional mandate of self defense but rather at the behest of various special interests of a global nature concerning purely economic/political considerations and the CIA itself IMO flat out admits it!

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    The same people that come up with, or just believe, this nonsense are the same fools that blammed the CIA for being asleep before 9/11. They are all a cancer to this country.