Additional earning opportunity. Who is entitled?

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    scenario: a Saturday Air operation comprised of Bid Air Drivers. These are mostly part time air drivers (3 hour daily guarantee) whose schedule is Tuesday through Saturday.

    Another sector is a few Bid Air Drivers who are scheduled Monday through Friday and come in on Saturday as an additional earning opportunity.

    Yet another group is a section of inside part time employees who come in on Saturday as an additional earning opportunity.

    And finally, another sector of full time ground drivers. These guys come in on Saturday also as an additional earning opportunity. They are entitled to 8 hours. They will almost always take time worked instead of bumping a part timer.

    The problem we are having is figuring out who comes first when. It comes to additional earning. (Going to the airport at 5am pick up the work and staying late to do pick ups.)

    I was under the impression seniority rules. The union is telling us because it's a certain Bid Air Drivers "bid day" this particular air driver with 4 years of seniority goes to the airport in the morning and stays late to do pick ups, puts in a 12 hour day.

    Does a part time bid air driver working on his bid day with 4 years trump another part time air driver with 14 years working on his day off as an additional earning opportunity or an inside part timer with 15 years working a Saturday as an additional earning opportunity? Also, does the issue of whose at top rate as an Air Driver factor into this mess?

    I look forward to your responses.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The Saturday air driver would get preference as that is their scheduled day to work.
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    Let the part time guys who drive on Saturday to make ends meet , have there gravy...........
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    Depends in your local supplement.
    Full time drivers ,where I work at do not run Saturday air.
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    "With all things being equal." That is the general rule of thumb.

    Regional and Local seniority practices, can come in to play for "extra" work.


    They are probably telling you right. (for your area)

    Who from the Union, have you talked to ? A Steward or a BA ?

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    I have seen that exact scenario.

    It goes by seniority for those scheduled to work that day 1st. Just being there is already extra work for the others. If none of the scheduled people want the work, than it goes by seniority, starting with the FT drivers (we do occasionally have FT drivers work on Saturday.)
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    In our center it would be the scheduled air driver and then any drivers who may not have gotten their 40 hours during the week. FTers are used as a last resort.
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    I would think it goes to the part timer who's shift it is(by seniority), then to full time air driver who worked less than 37 hours that week, then however air language reads....(national master article 40).usually full time by seniority, then full time by reverse seniority. There may be an argument for the work over the 3 hour guarantee.,if there's ground work involved. There also could be issues with being paid top driver rate and starting full time progression, if it hasn't started already due to the ground work.
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    Spoke with my BA at my building and all part time air driver are guaranteed 3 hours any extra goes by Company Seniority.