Adios Amigos


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Becareful, watch your back and Thank You very much.
Coming from someone who is against war but praises our troops efforts and the choice of our government.


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I am going to the desert for some war ****, see you when i get back in october.

Hasta Luego!

Hi Joopster, what branch of service are you in? I was a platoon sgt in the Marine Corp Reserve(85 to 91). I was a 1371 Combat engineer. How about yourself, what do you do ? take care area 43


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Be safe.

I believe that DHL delivers in Iraq. Wonder if the wear their ugly uniforms over there.

only people delivering are the pilots. and no they don't wear the uniforms.

the us mail and packages all come DHL....

For the other poster that asked, I am a crew chief on C-130 aircraft...


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"Killed lots of talibanis. Deader than a door nail."

Excellent! The damned Liberal press will never report on enemy killed.