Advantages Of A Feeder Driver Keeping Their CDL After Retirement?

G.V. Rush

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Get what back exactly? Medical?

You can get a CDL like anyone more, no less.....just get in line. And do all the stuff.....impossible? No.

66 means nothing. Now, if you take certain drugs(meds) diabetic, overweight...all that....could be tough.

Say, you are "well set"....why the concern? I thought all you early retirees are millionaires...
Boomers am I right?


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I understand. I worked 2 jobs to go to truck driving school in Massachusetts. At the time it was $1200 ( 1980 ) which was a lot when you are making $5 an hour pumping gas.

Worked some really crappy jobs when I started. 11 western states at 20 cents a mile loaded and 10 cents empty.
Hauled tomatoes for about $30 a load. Lucky to get 3 loads in 15 hours.

Last job before being hired on at UPS was log truck driver at $9 an hour. Worked about 14 hours a day to support a family of six. And that was the best non union job I had in 13 years after getting the CDL.

That is why I was so frugal after getting hired at UPS. My wage was $18 and change in 1993 and I thought that was a fortune. Saved saved saved. paid off house early , maxed out 401k every year and basically lived like I was making $12=15 a year for years.

That is why we are well set and I retired peer 80 at age 58 instead of having to work until 62-65 like most.

Those early hard years we had are hard to forget. It was all possible with a CDL. I really don't think I will need it again but it may be good insurance just in case.
you're putting more effort into typing and thinking about it then it would take to do it.

oh, I'm late to the party, it looks like you let it go.