Advice for a PT Sup interested in becoming a Feeder Driver

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Zeptar, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Zeptar

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    Does anyone know the qualifications/skills Feeders is seeking when selecting a Hub PT Sup as an outide hire? I'm aware of the 6-to-1 ratio when hiring "off-the-street" and a letter of intent must be submitted.
    I'm curious about the selection progress that occurs when Hub upper management and Feeders' management decide which PT sup is the best candidate for driving.
  2. p228

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    Do you have a CDL?
  3. balland chain

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    I may be wrong, but I thought it was seniority rules.. I was not aware of being awarded a job based on who management feels is the best candidate for the job..
  4. ups hero

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    I was always told a 6:1 bid, ups can take anybody. Somebody off the street, management personal, or a union worker with less seniority that they feel
    could be a right fit for them. I know
    2 people who got 6:1 bids. Both were management of course. The one I respected and actually was happy for when he got it. I felt that he put his pt sup years in and deserved it. I believe he had 15 yrs in. The other I didn't like. He was young, I'm talking early 20's. he got a preload job for 3 months, couldn't hack it. Then went to feeders, couldn't hack that either.. And then became an on car sup.... I didn't understand that process at all. ....but of coarse he couldn't hack that either... So he quit... Waste of a bid if you ask me.
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    I'm also always told that I'm the next 6:1 bid when it comes around... I just laugh. I don't trust anything they say.. They probably tell that to a lot of people. They probably think they can get more work out of us, by getting our hopes up. History at my hubs shows they only take mgmt. anyway. What was I born yesterday?? Lol
  6. Zeptar

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    Yes, I have a Class A with all UPS required endorsements.
  7. Zeptar

    Zeptar Safety Compliance Sup

    Seniority only counts when picking vacations.
  8. Zeptar

    Zeptar Safety Compliance Sup

    Feeders isn't required to take an outside hire even when hiring. They can choose anyone that you mentioned, however Feeders usually just trips a casual to meet the 6:1 quota.
    In my hub, HR said Feeders was hiring at least 14 union employees and 2 supervisors. I think they will take at least 1 supervisor in order to keep morale up. My hub has lost 9 top seniority pt sups this year alone because of working conditions.
  9. ups hero

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    Yea, I agree. It's getting bad on both sides. More, more, more....with less , less, less. Well good luck if the feeder job happens then you can come back to the good side.
  10. Bagels

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    On the flip side...
    We have quite a few high-seniority (ten or more years) PT supervisors. Earlier this year, our district manager gave them a speech that the goal of PT supervision was to nurture them with working experience while they worked their way through college - it was a job they should have for five years tops, then they should be moving on. She said she was upset that so many had turned it into a career.
  11. BrownBM

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    It is a 6 to 1 ratio and its called a company pick, meaning seniority doesnt apply and can be from any facet of the company. The choice is that of your division manager but its ultimately influenced by your next level sup and immediate manager. It should be based on your overall potential to progess, qualifications, and merit but most of the time its based off who's in your corner and pushing your name.
  12. Saboteur

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    As a rule of thumb, UPS almost always picks a fellow mgt. person with the qualifications over someone totally new to the system. Having said that, there is no predicting whether your bosses want to see you leave. If they feel they would be saddled with your work should you depart for feeders, you won't be selected. It's very cutthroat anymore. There aren't many sups that are willing to look out for someone under them.