Advice for a single mom just starting with UPS? Please?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by newgirl2012, Oct 7, 2012.

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    I just started with UPS working as a full-time seasonal driver. I have two boys, ages 17 & 6. Friday I worked 12 hours, and I am told Christmas season I will see a LOT of days like that. My supervisor has told me that I am doing a fantastic job, and they are very happy with me, and that after the season is over (DEC 31) he has no problem keeping me on and finding me a position inside and possibly having me drive as needed. I was also told with the very recent retirements, there will soon be full time driver positions open, one of which they plan to hire from the outside. My problem is that I am a single mother, and I have never spent such long hours away from my kids. My oldest doesn't really mind, but my 6 year old is very much a momma's boy and very much needs me around. I have recently been offered a part-time permanent position ith a non-profit organization, which I would truly enjoy, but it is of course considerably less pay. It also would mean a LOT more time for the kids though... I know that getting in the door with UPS is a great opportunity, but is it worth it to sacrifice all this time with my kids? Can anyone with experience in this industry offer any advice to me? I would much appreciate it. :)
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    It is a great company to get into if you can but the job is not 'family friendly'. I have been there 26 years and STILL put in long days. Days are longer during 'peak' but it does not improve much during the rest of the year. Most drivers probably average 47 - 50 hrs per week. Pay is good , benefits are great , but . . . . . Good luck in whatever you decide. Hope this helped.
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    I don't understand what you're asking? Only you know your monetary needs.. not anyone here. Don't believe what your manager is telling you as far as driving. Chances are you will be back in the hub part time for the next half decade, so no worries about excessive hours outside of peak. I doubt the other part time job has the ability to turn into an 80k/year + free benefits full time job. So be realistic and realize this is a union, you will be waiting a while to drive full time. So again.. what are you asking us? Decide if you can one, wait years to drive full time. Two, when you do make it, you will be willing to accept what the job means on all fronts. For many there is a tipping point where making x amount of dollars beings to outweigh the negative of being a stranger at home. If 80k is your number, stick with it.
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    If you want to provide very well for your family,UPS is a good choice. If you actually want to SEE your family,well not so much
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    I suppose my monetary needs are just the same as anyone else. Keep a roof over our heads, food in our tummies, and clothes on our backs is what is important to me. I love my children, they are the most important aspect of my life. Being a single parent is a tough postion, and I know my role. I have to be mommy and daddy. What I am asking is hwo many people here think it is worth it to sacrifice your time for the money? Anyone that has been in UPS for a long time MUST know what it entails, and what would you say to someone in my position? I don't care about making 80k. What I care about is what is best for them and myself. If you don't see it as a tough decision, we are on different pages. What I am looking for here is just some non-judgemental and honest advice.
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    We have a driver who is a single father who has primary custody. He also has an elderly family member with health issues. He takes a lot of time off to play Dad and Son. Word on the street has him looking for employment elsewhere which would give him the flexibility he needs.

    There is no denying that the wage/benefits/pension are industry leading; however, this is a tough job and even tougher when you are the sole provider.

    As I suggested in the other thread, I think you should look for a PT job which allows you work while your son is in school.
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    Exactly I love the people that come on here asking if they should take a job at ups. Only they can weigh the pros and cons.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    How can she weigh the pros and cons without knowing what they are?
  9. barnyard

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    There are several PT people in my center that passed on driving jobs because they had young children whose lives they wanted to be a part of. I believe that the best way to raise kids, is to do just that, raise them.
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    I suggest since you have a young child to care for(the 17 year old is on his own)that you try and get through peak,take a p/t position if offered(for bennies)then find another job to supplement your income, as p/t at UPS will not pay your bills. I can tell you that driving f/t and having a 6 y/o that is your sole responsibility will not work, unless you have another source of help. Work p/t...wait till your kid is older then go for the f/t position. Just my opinion. My wife didn't work for a long time when my kids were young, she couldn't as I was never around to help.
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    I say give it a shot driving. If you could get that off the street hire position then do it and if it feels like your not meeting the needs of your family then just stop and go elsewhere for employment. The money and benefits are great and at least you want be kicking yourself in the rear later on for not trying. We get two 8 hour request per month and make sure you use those. Even though its not much thats still two days to make the most of with your family. As hard as the job is to obtain....obtain it if you can and go from there.
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    There is a trade off in working at UPS.... If making more money is more important than family time then Id say go for UPS. If the family time is more important Id say do something you are truly happy doing and struggle more financially. Dont believe anything your supervisor says about job opportunity. He/she has no clue what the next year holds and has zero influence on keeping you any work guarantee. That will all depend on what jobs and opportunities come up.

    From a personal standpoint, if I had it all to do over again I would have stayed a part timer and gotten a second part time job. I missed a lot of time with one child who is now grown and the other is 12. After you commit to UPS it is very hard to let go once the lifestyle has got you. Think long and hard and ask yourself what is most important
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    Try and marry a manager. They are usually desperate and divorced a couple times. If you are half way hot you could have just hit the lottery.
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    Or just set him up for a sexual harassment lawsuit.
  15. toonertoo

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    It is too stressful of a job, and the time constraints are too much without a great support of family, which you stated you do not have. Do not do it. PT yes, it can be handled, do not take a ft position as a driver, inside or staff would be better, you can know your hours.
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    If there is one person on this forum who can give you the best advice about this situation it is this woman right here.
    I would take toonertoo's advice very much to heart.
  17. Brownslave688

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    Depends on the local we get 3 eight hour requests. I hear they are hoping for a 4th this contract. Get us one a week each month. Sounds good to me.
  18. Nimnim

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    I'm not a driver, but I'll give a little bit of input from my family life.

    When I was younger and in school, both my parents worked and if one was home before 5pm it was a special day, or they were sick. I on one hand would have liked more family time, but on the other hand, it was "parent free fun time." Both have their advantages for a child.

    Though from what I hear from the other drivers here, getting home before 7-8 pm isn't the norm, so for a single parent that's most likely an issue. As others have said taking a part time position and waiting years for full time to be available would probably be better. Sure you'd probably have to grab a second job but you'd be more flexible until both children are older and can take you not being around as much.

    It's really your choice though, and as much as a "mamas boy" a child may be, if you're not around as much as they want, they'll still love you.
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    There are 2 things for sure you can take from these posts.

    1. You will work long hours. Even though some may say 9.5-10.5 hours per day that does not include an unpaid lunch.

    2. Don't believe anything management will tell you about upcoming job offers. Their main objective is that you stay through December 24th

  20. True that. I have 32 full time years....23 in operations(driving).

    If you have young children(you do). UPS is the last job you want, despite pay and benefits. Package is a sunup/sundown job. You'll be gone 12 hours give or take. If you are a single parent(you are), someone else is going to raise your kid. Forget about anything on the weekdays....plays, athletic stuff. If not going to this stuff bothers will not last. If you get hired off the street and get a full time pkg have won the lottery. And, if I had waited a decade to get a driving job and you waltz in off the street.......expect a little resentment.

    If you are a single parent and become a will sell your soul and your kids to make it in pkg. Not always. You'll hear(some) folks who say no, I get home every day 4:30.......they are the very few exceptions.