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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by smart girl, May 20, 2013.

  1. smart girl

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    I have been subjected to some blatant unreasonable conduct by some anger
    motivated individuals at our usually professional meetings. I know the Roberts Rules apply to many
    many meetings at locals. However, my concern is now many of us feel violence could ensue
    and how do we stop this behavoir which is so counter productive, especially at such a time where real concerns are needing attention. Plus, I feel other women and new members are being subjected to ugly displays which might make them not attend in the future. My Pres ends these meetings to lessen the messs.
    But why should we not have a better way to prevent these actions?
  2. TimeForChange

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    I tried that before, but it didn't work. After having issues at meetings, I bought the very official (and very dense and long) paperback book, Robert's Rules of Order. Then I studied it. But when I invoked a point that was in the book, the President just said, "We don't go by Robert's Rules of Order." So their dictatorship continued unabated.
  3. newtothis

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    Then ask to see what they follow for guidelines for your meetings. Most organizations use Roberts Rules or Cushings manual.
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    If Roberts Rules of order are refered to in your bylaws, they have no choice in the matter. If the chairman fails to adhere he can be replaced during that meeting. If he refuses to follow the rules,take notes, write names of members who attended. This will Come in handy when you file charges against him for violating the By - Laws.
  6. stink219

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    What local? Does your bylaws have rules of order?
  7. union4life

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    You should ask your Local's Secretary Treasurer for a copy of your Local's By-Laws. In it, you should find language pertaining to how your local meeting's proceedings will take place.

    Post back when you have that information.

  8. Inthegame

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    If you know your local uses Roberts Rules, as you've stated, the chairperson running the meeting has some discretion including adjourning if the meeting becomes unruly. Roberts Rules are used to keep order, not infringe speech, but many members speak at inappropriate times and when called to order from the chair usually become indignant. That's not dictatorship, thats order. Learn the rules, read your bylaws and talk to the chairman about proper procedure. If you skip this step, filing charges will most likely go nowhere.