Advice for new hire wanting temp to driver?



Was curious what your thoughts were on the best way to work from a part-time position into a driver position?

After a bit of reading on the board, I've heard of several part-time positions to start with, such as: pre-load, driver helpers, "air ramp" pre-load, sort, etc. Is one PT position any better than another if you're interested in ultimately working your way to a driving position?

Any ideas on what would be the best way to accomplish this or what to expect?

Your thoughts and help are genuinely appreciated,
Kim in Chicago


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You guys won't be laughing when she logs in later and her second post is "Thank you, Over!"!!!!
Some of these guys should feel lucky, I had to work part time for 10 years before i got a driving job, but it also helped me when i went driving I already knew the routes