Advice For New kids wanting to join UPS.

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  1. if you are under 23 years old and want to join UPS, I feel obligated to warn you, and think carefully about pursuing a career with UPS.

    Don't Apply, Trust me you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Once your in, we won't let you get out. We will take advantage of your young age and work you till we break you. We like the young kids especially if they don't go to college, cus they'll be stuck with us for the rest of their life, because work skills and knowledge gained here can't be applied in most jobs in America.

    There are much better less back breaking jobs out there with competitive pay.
    ​Your better off joining the Military & retire in 20 years, than Join UPS break your back for at least 13 years loading and drive for 30 years to retire at 65.

    I see to many 27-35+ year old losers working preload with no chance of progression. they've been loading trucks for over 7 years and still have insufficient seniority to become full time drivers. Most full time drivers hate their jobs, but its all they know how to do. Just read the threads and find out yourselves.

    Loyal Teamster

    Hands Down to the f***'n trolls that will argue my point without reasoning.
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    The "27-35+ years old losers", are part-timers with two jobs and they still there because of the benefits for their families...

  3. SOME "27-35+ years old losers", are part-timers with two jobs:-)surprised:) and they (are stuck) there because of the benefits(McDonald's or other menial, low paying, unskilled, dead end job doesn't offer) for their families...

    Loyal Teamster
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    You really know how to really tick people off! I'm a part time loser according to you, and I'm proud of it. My fellow workers are loyal teamsters. You don't know $h1T about being a Loyal Teamster! All you do is bash your coworkers. Your a disgrace to our brotherhood. You will never be a brother to me.
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    You're funny kid.

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    To all new kids: Don't listen to this clown. He's lucky if he's been there a month so far. He doesn't know squat. Take advice from ANYBODY other than JAZZHANDS!
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    I turned 30 earlier this year, and I've been a Preloader since I was 17. Assuming I work a similar number of hours this peak vs. last - but adjusting for one less week - I'm on pace to earn about $27,000. Six weeks of driver helping will earn me another $2,000 to $2,500, bringing my annual total to $29,000 to $29,500.

    My brother has a B.S. in computer support and earns $43,000, working twice the number of hours that I do. He pays $4,100 for his family's PPO insurance option. We both have a rare blood disorder that requires daily medication. I pay nothing. He pays $90 each month. He also pays significantly more each time he visits the doctor. And like nearly a third of Americans, he has no dental insurance, thus paying for dental care for his family out of his pocket. Conservatively, I will consider the total value of my health care package to be a $7,000 savings vs. his, although the number's higher (he does not go to the dentist twice annually, or get an eye exam annually, since it's not covered). Thus, he earns little more than $6,000 more annually than I do - working twice the number of hours, despite having the most in demand degree.

    Please tell me once again how I'm a loser.

    And please tell me who you really are, since you've managed to move from Dallas to California overnight.
  8. Brotherhood ? Last letter I got from Teamsters, wanted me to vote Yes on a contract that is practically an insult and worthless for Part timers that have been employed over 3 years.
    Your stuck with UPS brother.

    Anyways that's a topic for a different thread, This thread is about warning future applicants.

    Loyal Teamster
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    Can't you see that he is no longer a brother or for that matter a loyal teamster... Judging by his use of the word we, he's been promoted to a Stupidvisor!

    Jaz, you should keep your feelings about the young kids to your self.

  10. Bro, anything under 50,000 in San Diego, you'll be struggling.

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    ​I believe you're one of those that quit the first day before break

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    SoCal has a high cost of living, but it's overblown -- try researching median wage levels. Rent levels & food pricing is fairly reasonable, nor do people in SoCal get socked with $3,000 annual heating bills & $1,000 A.C. bills (humidity kills). And we're now paying more for gas here in the Midwest than people are paying in California.

    Not that I believe you're from SoCal. NYC, Dallas, now San Diego. Where's Waldo going next?

  13. Your posts are worthless and don't contribute any thought to this thread, Save it for Facebook,

    $3.98 unleaded in SD

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    Hey to translate your original couldn't hack it at ups and quit like a little bitch, so now you want to hate on the rest of us. Okay, hey whatever makes you feel better. In the end, we'll all have pensions, and you'll be making our chalupas at taco bell. I like extra lettuce...
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    $4.05 is the cheapest near me -- at Sam's Club. I don't have a SC membership. I just paid $4.12, which is the cheapest near me that I have access to.
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    It's Jazzhands San Diego !
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    Alright, Jazzhands is catching on. Lol.

  18. Hey guys, you mistake intent. I feel nothing but respect and pride for UPS and MOST employee. We are hard working individuals trying to make a living. I don't intent to hurt your feelings. This thread was intended to teach possible applicants of the sh**hole we work in and the reality of working for UPS.

    ​Loyal Teamster

  19. ​I go even Cheaper, around 3.40ish in Tijuana.
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    What this "WE" business?? Jazzhands, you're not one of us, and you never will be. Now, I'd like two burritos and a large coke....please.