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    Little history. So set up my 401k over three Years ago now that I'm full time I've up my contributions but notice I had 50% in sp400 and 50% in 2050 bright horizon . Now I changed it today. Would like to hear your thoughts 25% sp 500 and 400 40% in bright horizon with 10% in reit. Thanks my brown brother's.
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    I do a 50/50 split of S&P 500 and Bright Horizons. The Bright is more stable where as the S&P 500 is more riskier. Don't know if that's a good mix but it's what I do. I have heard that S&P500 could net you more profit because of the risk.
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    Bright Horizon Funds are designed to be aggressive early and become conservative the closer you get to the target date of that particular fund. I am due to retire in 2018 but chose the BH 2025 as I want to be an aggressive investor.

    The BH funds are designed for those with limited knowledge of investing. "Set it and forget it".
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    Unless you've got your heart set on paying higher fees for lower returns get out of the Bright Horizon fund.
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    Only some people have "limited knowledge"
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    Some people have more than limited knowledge and give good financial
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    Thank for the advice I plan on talking to a financial advisor soon but you think I should dump bright horizon fund where should I move that 40% too? Maybe move it to 20% or just get out of it? Thanks again
  8. Jones

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    You can't go wrong with putting it all in the 500. If I had to choose just one fund that would be it. If you want to diversify more you could split it between the 500, the 400, and Russell 2000 which would essentially give you total stock market exposure all in low cost index funds.
    When you go see the financial advisor make sure you bring printed out copies of the prospectus for all the funds we have available so he can compare costs, holdings, etc.
    If he recommends any of the bright horizon funds pick up your stuff and leave.
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    That is the advice that I followed.