advice needed. fired for insubordination

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by upsmob, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. upsmob

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    My first job straight out of high school was a dock worker for ups freight in 2008. Got my class A in 2010 and was reclassified to p&d driver and been driving since. Recently we got a new T.M and was told every driver needed to get their tankers endorsement by July 9,2015 or else you could not drive until u get it. My terminal was so short handed at the time I couldn't get the endorsement by the deadline. Me and my T.M agreed I'd go to dmv July 16,2015 to get my endorsement. 45min of me being at dmv T.M calls me to leave dmv right away and head back to work to start driving. I refused to go back until I was done at dmv. I go back when I was done I was sent home. I go in to work next day I'm told I'm discharged for insubordination. Should I get a labor attorney or did I mess up big time?
  2. FrigidFTSup

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    You messed up big time.
  3. sppollock

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    Have you filed a grievance? Where you on company time? This was a required item that could of been done on the weekend but since you had a prior agreement then no you should not of been fired.
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    Always do as instructed, file grievance later.
  5. NOOBZ

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    You have to file a grievance to have Union try to get your job back. If you don't file then your @ss out. Nobody will fight for you if you don't file. You'll be dust in the wind.
  6. bigrigdriver

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    File a grievance ASAP!!!

    You should get your job back with pay......give it to the TM hard & dry :-)
  7. Gumby

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    You shouldn't have answered the phone.
  8. werenotthepostoffice

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    Make them send you a message in your diad! I do not talk UPS business on my personal cell phone.
  9. witheeze

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    Never ans. phone !!!
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    If it happened exactly like you have described the union will get your job back. But if you was also working that day and made the DMV one of your stops and refused a dispatch. Well, that does change things. Your word against theirs and so on. I'm betting the union will get your job back but without back pay.
  11. upsmob

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    Yes I filed a grievance. No I was not on company time. But union did get my job back.
  12. upsmob

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    Yes I did file n they did get my job back thanks for advice
  13. upsmob

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    Thanks. The union did get my job.
  14. NOOBZ

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    No problem man. It's our job to stick together. Always, always file if your unsure..... It may or may not work but if you don't file you'll always get the wrong end of stick and union won't do it for you. Always fight, for your right..... To party... Sorry could help my self
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    Make them use they Diad to talk to you never answer your phone I blocked my centers numbers