Advice needed. Possible switch to UPS Freight, City Driver, Albany, NY

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by armyguy626, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. armyguy626

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    Currently work for YRC as a Linehaul driver for the past year. No BS, I absolutely enjoy my job. One think to note, I am not lazy and I work hard. As we all know, the future of YRC is questionable. As for UPS, they are not going anywhere.
    I have an opportunity to get a job as a city driver in Albany, NY.

    Bottom line is I need some advice on what to do. Seems silly, but Im looking for some pros and cons so I can make a somewhat educated decision.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. sppollock

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    You will be working for a company that is financially good, we are making a profit, even in the freight division. Your retirement will be affected, meaning we don't belong to the multi employer retirement that you are used to, doesn't mean all the years you have won't be there, but it means nothing to the UPS Freight retirement. Our insurance still isn't as good as yours and we have to pay a co-pay, but it is still pretty good, yes we are on teamcare. We are the best paid in the industry after you make it through the four year progressing, I am top wage at $27.15/hr. I don't know much about Albany, NY but management and seniority is the same as with most companies, and most areas. If you have specific questions I can try to answer what I can.
  3. Skeeters

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    I agree sppollock I think it would be a good decission. You wouldn't be stepping down in my opinion. If you are a hard worker like you say you won't have any problems. Let us know what you do. Good luck...
  4. yossarian

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    Albany is a good barn. We have good stewards and a tm who was a driver so he knows what it's like out there.
  5. Reaction Junkie

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    You would go to the bottom of the board, start in the afternoon and maybe be on the dock a lot. But it kinda a crap shoot of how long til u start driving everyday/ all day. This may sound confusing but if I had known what I know now I would not have done it. However....Now that I put in the blood sweat and tears Im glad I am where Im at. 13 months later at age 50 I hope Im in for 10 or 15 Good Lord willing!
  6. quicker

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    Im at a 32 door term in Pottstown , Pa I run Conshohocken , pa I run my tail off and make the Money

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  7. ch317273

    ch317273 When your bank says no, champion says YES

    heak yes its a good decision, HOWEVER be prepared to work. the city at ups freight is NOT YRC road driving, you will work, be expected to do id imagine over 10 plus p&d's a day and work the dock while not driving.....yrc road drivers i know dont get their hands dirty unless they are making or breaking a set....all these guys are right though ups freight is a better overall choice, if you can deal with peddling the city and deal with being micro managed to a certain degree....good luck
  8. ch317273

    ch317273 When your bank says no, champion says YES

    oh and btw id try to switch to the road seniority list, thats what i did, i started in the city and then switched a few months in, bc the city is less money and also peddling freight sucks IMO
  9. alex4815

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    10-4 on the city work driver. I've had the opportunity to have done it all.l,from dock to management. I'm a road driver running extra board and I did really well last year which was my 1st year running extra board. But I made nearly $20,000 more than I did in the city and I didn't even work everyday
  10. Lobcity

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    I've been a p&d driver for Saia for bout 8 yrs and I'm making the switch to ups freight already passed road test went to clinic just waiting on background check gonna be rough first few years but it's worth it in the long run imo
  11. sppollock

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    Where are you going to be driving out of. Good luck and welcome, I've been a P&D driver for 8years.
  12. Lobcity

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    thanks! In commerce CA wish I would of done it sooner but it's never too late
  13. Mr.wrzes

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    I been on extra at ups freight road only working 5days a month. Hope it picks up or I'll be on the streets.