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    I'm a loader, pretty new and not good at building walls in clinch moments when the trailer's getting buried. Which is about 99% of the situations I'm in the past few days. The only technique I know of is to leave space between rows so you can throw the light stuff back; and heavy/ big on the bottom, light/ fragile on top.

    Today they took me over to unload the brown UPS delivery trucks, and the guy that I was working with was nice enough to give me a bunch of advice on how to maneuver the boxes. It was pretty much the only practical advice I've gotten so far and it's helped considerably. But maneuvering and wall-building are two different things, the latter I know little of.

    The past few days have been absolute hell, I get put in the worst loads by myself and get yelled at every 10 seconds even though I'm doing my best. Couple times I almost flipped on my supervisor, I have a bad temper that doesn't go well with this kind of job. :biting: So I decided I'm either gonna give up and quit or learn how to do it the right way.

    There probably wouldn't be a problem if there was some technique as to how to build them, can anyone give some advice?
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    Ya have to lose the bad temper or that job will eat you alive. Ignor the idiot yelling at you and just do the best you can. Turn your back on him and go about your business:peaceful: The chances are VERY good he will be gone way before you but I will warn you that his replacement probably won't be any better. Management by intimidation is just something you have to get used to if you want to survive at the Brown machine.
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    Just do what you have to do. If you have made your 30 working days and have at least a bit of experience, you will know that demands are sometimes well above what you or anyone is capable of. Just shrug it off , smile, and have fun.

    The newer people management tends to yell at, belittle, and attempt to intimidate a bit more than the older guys and gals. If you are newer, don't take it to heart. It is the fact that you seem more impressionable and able to work into a frenzy ( in their eyes). Just do your best, have fun, remember that there's others in the same shoes as you, and go home safely.
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    As far as building walls ( the actual point of the thread)

    There's a few schools of thought, in my experience the following works best.

    Waste as little energy as possible. Knowledge of general physics ( something you won't see much of working at UPS lol) is very important in being able to do your job, work safely and effectively and MOSt importantly not breaking down.

    This is #1. Don't run around and make sudden, jarring movements, and try to look like you're working your butt off to impress anyone. This is one thing I find funny, especially with the rookies. The goal is to make it look easy and use the least amount of movements and motions to complete the task.

    Much like a martial artist (one inch punch?) , or a drummer, or anything physical that utilizes "less for more", the same idea applies.

    Heavy boxes on bottom, light on top.

    Use a loadstand, always. Unless you are 7 foot something. Do not just throw 60 pounders up and hope they settle properly, they won't. =)

    Build a primary and secondary wall. Primary should be the sturdiest, secondary is ( as you may know ) for the lighter fare.

    Don't worry about "keeping up with the flow". Knock packages off your belt system if they are clumsy and awkward. Don't spend 15 seconds trying to finagle a package that just won't "go". They will still be there when you build forward, I promise.

    Chances are you have a hi-value person in your building, possibly delivering those packages to your load. Hopefully she's a gal, and attractive. If so, Talk nicely to her and smile. You will feel alot better about what you are doing when a nice looking woman smiles at you.

    Ok mind wandering...have fun , be safe, and don't waste any energy!
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    I sure hope you went through cornerstone training, if not, the above advise is good, but I would also like to mention that you should be pre-selecting the next package. Try to visualize how the wall should be built (much like the game of Tetris) before you grab the next package to load. Also, the walls should be tight and staggered, do not build columns!

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    Building great walls takes time.
    That will come . I like the interlock method. Each new wall is locked into the last wall, kind of an overlap effect. With little or no spaces between walls. I'm tall so the smalls get jammed at the top.
    To keep the screaming sups away , try being crazier then they are, sing at the top of your lungs, recite poetry , speak in another language ( not something that others would know, try latin ) or just spout jibberish.
    It is from my experience that they tend to leave the really crazy ones alone.
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    Like EVERY position in UPS, the more you practice, the better you will get. No job at UPS is rocket science. Two suggestions;

    1. Let 90% of what screaming sups yell at you just slide off
    2. Get an iPod - helps w/#1

    That being said, starting at the bottom works best
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