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    I'm a University student and thought about going PT sup around February for the pay increase and the tuition reimbursement. I asked my full-timer about it and he told me to "prove it through the numbers", so I worked my ass off and topped scans and misload frequency on my belt for like 8 consecutive weeks. Every time I asked this particular full-timer how I was doing, I was told to "keep up the good work", "you're being noticed", etc. Three months later I submitted my letter of interest, the full-timer received an evaluation packet with around 50 elements that are rated on a 1-5 scale. It's stated on the first page of the evaluation that any element receiving a "1" or an average score of less than 3.5 results in a failing grade. The full-timer rated me a 1 on how loud I speak and gave me an average score of 3.4, citing anything he could aside from my actual work ethic. I got :censored2: off, told him I wasn't loading anymore come September and was not waiting 6 months to resubmit. He and the Hub manager withdrew my letter and evaluation so that I could resubmit earlier. Oh, and I started screaming at the top of my lungs about anything and everything.

    I was moved to another belt and got another full-time supervisor. At this point I was loading far faster than anyone else in the building with good load quality, low damage frequency, no safety incidents and perfect attendance. We have a weekly misload frequency chart in our hub, which I got #1 in out of 100 loaders three consecutive weeks on the belt that gets the least amount of flow in the building. I average 600 pph and peak at 750-800 pph with load quality that's far superior than 90% of the people loading at the standard 300 pph. I've set records for scans in one night, scans in one hour, and pph averaged across a sort for 2011. The new full-timer liked me, passed my second evaluation (barely, at 3.5 average score), but told me I needed to be a "team player" and motivate the lazy coworkers around me who got used to me loading up to half the volume for the entire belt, and that I needed to be more motivated at the end of the night after loading 500+ pph for 4 consecutive hours since no one else on my belt has initiative, which he then reworded to me having a lack of initiative. Right before my evaluation I talked to the hub manager about what was going on, why everything was taking so long, and he cited "doubts in attitude" as the primary issue and asked me to memorize the 71 load methods in order and word for word to "relieve his doubts". I memorized and verbally recited them in two days with 3 hours of study time. No part-time supervisors know the load methods and the hub manager that asked me to memorize them doesn't either. The only other person that memorized them was the full-timer that passed me after the fact that I memorized them. The hub manager was impressed and told me I was being put on the fast track for the position. This was middle of July. Oh, I passed my MAPP and qualified for p/t management and f/t specialist.

    Three weeks pass, 5 openings for p/t sup come up and I'm wondering wtf is going on. They hired a complete clown that had never loaded before (from sort aisle) most likely because he brown noses and walks around talking like they know what they're doing. God knows who else they're planning on promoting. I asked the hub manager, again, wtf was going on, and this time it changed to "dealing with adversity" because I get :censored2: off when I'm loading at 600 pph and my p/t supervisor has some dude taping boxes for two consecutive hours and some other girl taking 8 minutes per cart to load irregs while there are packages overflowing in my trailer to the top of the extendo. Oh, our belt doesn't have a pick-off, either, so all missorts (I personally get around 50 a night) have to be carried out of the trailers onto the grating. It really just blows my mind. I could write 10 pages on loading and half the supervisors they hire have never done it before. I was told this was a company where hard work pays off, and considering the absurd amount of work I've put into this along with the fact that I have a more technical and in depth understanding of loading boxes (lol) than anyone else in the hub blows my mind. Don't understand why I'm being treated like such a pile of :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: from everyone, from my part-time supervisor, to the fake ass, bold face lying full-timers to the even bolder face lying hub manager.

    What does anyone think? Am I being :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ed with or what?!
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    Sucks that you didn't get any response....LOL
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    Did you sleep with these full time management members wives? Obviously they found out.
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    Wow, and here I declined an offer at a chance to become a part time sup.

    I'm not sure what else to say other than that the first thing I learned here is... everyone (management) lies out of their ass.
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    If you did the job of two people. Then they promote you to PT sup. They have to put 2 people in the position you did. That will screw up the numbers.
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    No one else seems to be taking you seriously,I believe you .
    UPS likes to let each center run itself like a small business.
    The problem with this is that when you are seldom given the manpower to hit necessary goals,
    it creates an every man for himself attitude.It also does not help that there are no guidelines for
    them to follow.They are telling people how to do their jobs when they have no clue as to how to do it.
    In my opinion,ft sup is the way to go,or just stay hourly,use the tuition money and move on.
    You seem like a hard worker,you will get what you want eventually,albeit probably not at ups.
    (google is a much better place to work) Good Luck either way...
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    Uh, this post is from 2011? klolx, what the hell?

    If you want to dig up ancient artifacts, you're in the wrong profession.
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    Yea klolx you made me think for nuthin'.
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    This guy is in IE right now planning your day.
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    Keep up the good work. Your being noticed.
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    I wish people would notice me. =(

    Maybe I should start wearing short shorts.
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    A quick read of the OPs rant...

    Management does not need crybabys or fence-jumpers. They want 100% loyalty and commitment. Your post, jmo, sounds like you are unhappy at UPS, and also since you "scream" that is seen as very unprofessional and haphazard.

    If you are not mgmt yet and already on edge, testy, unhappy, emotional, it's probably better off for both parties if they don't give you the chance!

    It sounds to me like they're giving you a fortitude and commitment test.
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    You have sexy legs?