Advice on MAPP Test?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by thanhfeng, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. thanhfeng

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    Any Advice?
  2. Buffaloaf

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    If you fail it please consider going back to high school to get your GED.

    Seriously, the MAPP tests are all really easy. Just do whatever is safe, efficient, "professional", and service minded. You'll know the correct answer when you read it.
  3. Monkey Butt

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  4. upssalesguy

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    yeah, don't take advice from a message board!

    you'll do fine.
  5. cachsux

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    Sorry, no search ability= Fail
  6. UPSer21

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    It is an easy test that consists of (if i remember correctly) 100 questions. Some involve basic math such as calculating percentages or pulling information from quarterly results. Read the questions carefully and understand what exactly they are asking for before you select an answer. The other questions are just situational. They ask you how you would respond to certain situations. None of the questions are UPS related but management related in general. Very simple. I think a 7th grader could probably pass it. Make sure you pay attention to the questions though. Most of them are repeated. Just worded a little differently to see if you select the same or a similar answer. Basically its a consistency test. I recommend that if you are asked to strongly agree, somewhat agree, or strongly disagree in any of the questions that you either fully agree or fully disagree. Anyhow as everyone else has said its easy and nothing to fret over. You'll be fine.
  7. upssup

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    It was revised last year and is now alot easier than it was before. It is basic stuff.
  8. thom1842

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    Is UPS still hiring PT Management? I thought there was a freeze.
  9. thanhfeng

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    Thanx for the info I search the forums but all the threads were outdated.
  10. UPS Lifer

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    This "test" is designed to approximate your skill set and analyze the tendancies for supervision.

    Trying to figure out what the "right" answer is will get you into trouble.

    Stop researching and over analyzing and just take the test.

    Good luck
  11. BrownSuit

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    The test may have changed since I took it, but I seem to remember something you signed stating that you did not receive any outside help, nor would you seek any for the test or panel.

    If you aren't cut out to take the test on your own, perhaps you aren't cut out for management? Just a thought.
  12. chopstic

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    Oh yeah... cuz we all here have witnessed the extraordinarily high caliber of person it takes to be a sup.
  13. UPS Lifer

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    It is real easy to throw stones when you have not walked in a supervisor's shoes.

    It sounds like you have it all figured out!

    Maybe you should sign up and take the test?

    I am sure you could make a difference!!!:knockedout:
  14. Rosa

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    I need to take the Mailbox test, what is that? Please anyone HELP ME!

  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The mailbox test is by far the more difficult of the two. The key is getting the outgoing mail out to the box before the mailman shows up and putting the little flag up to make sure he knows to stop.
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  17. Judges612NIV

    Judges612NIV Gideon Nahum-Ezer

    At the risk of being too personal, I have finally taken the Mapp test, but failed. :sad-little: I already know that I don't really think like a supervisor. I am more a helper/techy guy. This is probably why I failed. Originally I wanted to apply for a Engineer position, but my supervisor (who is a great guy, really!) advised me to take "both parts" of the mapp test (I guess there was supposed to be a supervisor side and a tech side). Anyway, I have had supervisors ask me, "so you're taking mapp? what does it entail?" Even most of the supervisors had very little knowledge of mapp. I had to register three different times (and call mapp tech support) to finally get properly registered and take the test. Now I have to wait until september to take it again. The math was very simple for me (I have a B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology and a B.A. in Psychology and an old PC computer certificate). The situational questions were about if you were a manager, what would you do? I guess that was my weakest part. Does anybody have any advice on how to answer the questions simply like a manager would? I know some jokers have said this is 7th grade stuff, but seriously what can I do?
  18. UPS Lifer

    UPS Lifer Well-Known Member

    You will get asked the same concept many different ways. Be consistent with your answers. Don't over analyze what the "correct" answer is. Put down what your gut tells you is the right thing to do.... not what you think they want you to put down. You will fail every time.

    I have known managers who have taken the test 4 different times before "passing" it.

    If you can't come up with common sense solutions to the answers and you are not consistent in applying the common sense, then you will not "pass" the test.

    Good Luck if you decide to take it again.
  19. Judges612NIV

    Judges612NIV Gideon Nahum-Ezer

    Thank you so much! Yes, I will be taking it again in Sept or Oct 2013.
  20. Judges612NIV

    Judges612NIV Gideon Nahum-Ezer

    Sorry, Rosa. I am drawing a blank. I have not heard of it.