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  1. livingalive626

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    Here's the deal:

    I've been working at UPS for 5 months now at the Dallas hub as a package loader.
    I work hard, and have gained the respect of my current supervisor(who knows how long he'll stay, they seem to get moved around a ton.)

    I'm only 18, and am going to school through their online program partnership with TESC.

    All that said, I'm really torn as to what direction to pursue with the company. Three years or less and I will have a BA in Marketing. But i don't know which would be the better route: Try and work my way up in manangement with the goal of working corporate, or just try for becoming a package driver.

    Does anyone have any opinions?
  2. upssalesguy

    upssalesguy UPS Defender

    i have a BA in marketing. come to sales.

    please note, do not listen to any of the posts below mine. they are all mean spirited.
  3. iamupser

    iamupser I'm Institutionized

    Welcome to UPS, hope you have a long and prosperous career.

    (Is that what you mean be "mean spirited" :)
  4. DorkHead

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    Yes, get into sales like upsalesguy says. All you have to do is maintain the accounts that are assigned to you. The PC drivers are required to do all your other work.
  5. Re-Raise

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    I have a BS in Business and I am a package car driver. We make almost $31 an hour, and with overtime I made almost 80 k last year. I pay nothing for insurance and get 7 weeks vacation.

    Maybe Upssalesguy will tell how much you can make in sales.

    I know I would love to know what they are paying these guys.
  6. livingalive626

    livingalive626 New Member

    thanks for the info guys.

    But I am curious to know how much I would make in Sales, both starting out and long term...
    And how soon can I go to sales? As soon as I graduate?
  7. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    Ask the mighty sales wizard. He's so busy with leads, he never has time to post here. LOL!!
  8. Anonymous 10

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    If you are looking for a life down the road where you will have a family. I would work here get your degree. Then when you get your degree apply for a full time position and work it fir two years. Then start looking for your dream job elsewhere because if you are looking for a good family kind of life and you have a soul there are better options than ups. Good luck and god bless
  9. goetface

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    I have noticed the sups get moved around alot, so far mine is pretty damn cool, and hes from load side. Only thing that pisses me off alot is 53' trailers, and the lack of extendo and roller belt, just cooks my freaking noodle. Other thing is, we have trailers, two guys get sent home, infact, every night just about one guy gets sent home, I dont get how he makes any money. We could use those damn guys to do bulk and just get the damn rewraps done.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    goet, do these guys that are being sent home know that they are guaranteed 3.5 hours of work each day and that they if they are asked to go home they forfeit the guarantee?
  11. beentheredonethat

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    I'll agree with 407's advice, but not his reason. It used to be that a job in UPS management was very well paying and like our drivers we were paid much better then industry average. Now, the goal in corporate is to pay at or just above industry average for management. But the expectations are still in place as if our pay was way above industry average. As to how much do sales folks make, currently a very large percent of their compensation is tied to their (SIP) Sales Incentive Plan. The goals are high and very difficult to attain. With this economy right now, it will be very difficult for sales to win new business, let alone to keep existing customers, so they will work hard, but in the end most will not make any money on their SIP. This isn't a bonus, the SIP is designed to be a portion of their regular yearly pay. However, if the economy tanks or a large customer moves out of their area, or FDX comes in with a very low cost offer that we can't match, or if a UPS driver ticked off the customer, the sales person loses the customer and loses thier SIP.
  12. chewbacca25

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    my opinion is this bro...if you have a high tolerance for stress, then either route is good with this company. just realize that you will sell your free time and family life away as a driver for sure...cant vouch for the sales reps but seems to me the suits have it a little easier than the rest. and there is, however, a substantial difference in the back breaking physicality of driving a full p-grand in triple degree weather trying to deliver 300+ packages 140+ stops and make all your pickups on time all while running "scratch"...or wearing your khakis everyday in the a.c. and taking or making phone calls and visiting businesses to get accounts :/
  13. browniehound

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    If I were in tour shoes I would stay at UPS and become a driver. I truly believe its the best job in the company for the money they pay us. You could go into sales, but I wouldn't. I may be ignorant to their job, pay and benefits but I have some assumptions.

    First is, I'm not sure they pay very well at least to start. Second, once you're in management they can assign you anywhere and any place outside ( or inside) of sales and if you want to be promoted you have to accept the assignment.

    One good thing I've noticed about the sales reps is that many have been around a while so the job can't be THAT bad. I must say though sales is not for me and never will be. I'm just not good at it and don't want any part of it. Perhaps you are VERY good at it and have a passion for it. Also, you might be able to find a better position outside the company but I wouldn't recommend it especially with economy about to go into another recession in which we haven't recovered from the first one yet.

    This is why I say stay at UPS. My uncle once said the funeral business is recession proof and I believe UPS is almost as well off. You might get laid off as a driver a UPS but will still have a job inside making good money doing a job that starts at $8.50/hour.

    This is why my opinion is you should stay working at UPS PT until you can become a FT driver. I don't know what every driver is whining about? $31/hour and $0 for health insurance to deliver packages? Yes its hard work but anywhere else that any of us could find jobs would pay us a lot less to work a lot harder and have to pay for benefits.

    This is why I think you should become a driver even if offered a position at another company behind a desk. At this other company you will be at the bottom and subjected to lay-offs that will eventually happen and could be likely even if the economy was healthy.

    Just think about the driver job. No worries about lay-offs (worse case scenario you are kicked back to the HUB but never out of a job), make $31/hour with at least 5(closer to 7) hours/week of OT at $46/hour, no boss up your butt once you leave the center (you're free to work without a person over your shoulder once you leave the gates), you're outside and on your own, and get to make contacts all day long with people you deliver to. I know a ton of people just from being a cover driver and then having a route in the same area. These come in handy when they are policeman, fireman, mechanics, wealthy business owners, insurance agents, town selectman, doctors, dentists, etc. Point being you can take care of all of your appointments during your lunch hour once you know all these people.

    I would be very upset if I ever lost my job at UPS. If I lost my job at another company I would not be even close to as upset if I lost my UPS job. Its the security I value the most. I would also plan better for the future if I could switch places with you because if you plan well you have it made once you leave at a healthy older age.

    You take your paycheck and live a life that is below your means but is still very comfortable because you gross $1,500-$1,700/ week. Put 10% into your 401k that becomes 150-170 (probably contribute more like 15%), buy some UPS stock at a 5% discount even though it probably will never go above $80/share but you're getting 5% right off the bat with a dividend, put another $100/week in savings. You're still looking at having $600-$700/ week to live your life with. You could even save more because $600/week is probably 2X what many of the people I deliver to are taking home. Plan well and you could be a millionaire by the age of 55 or sooner.

    Lastly, the greatest thing and savings is the health insurance. I was talking to a man who runs a small business out of his home and only employs himself. He is giving me crap the I pay $0 for me and my family for insurance when it costs him around $1000-$1500 to cover him and his wife. So, I think we have it pretty good and I want to stay in my position.

    PS, this guy complaining about his health ins. cost drives a $80,000 car and lives in a $700,000 home so I really wanted to tell him to save his gripe or ask him if he would like to switch lively hoods. He would throw up on his pants if he actually had to WORK to earn his money, LOL.
  14. goetface

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    I'm really not sure if they Know I know this guy has gone home almost 4/5 days a week for the last 3 weeks, he used all FHP. I dont get how its worth the drive to be told hey "would you like to go home?" then there is another guy who does the same but he has a fulltime job so I understand hes usually tierd but even hes there more then this guy. I just feel that instead of sending that guy home when we could really use him to keep bulk flow going out of trailers onto the belt. They always talk about egress this egress that, but Im telling you ill be deep in my trailer with no egress because bulk is backed the hell up and then I get bitched at for load stand but cant access it to the trailer because I cant leave and if I leave then Im not maintaining flow, so its just a funny situation.
  15. DS

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    Not all salesguy,not all.
    You have said many disparaging things about drivers in the past that plead for response.
    You got what you asked for.This site is not anti management,although it may seem like it.
    What we have is a myriad of random upsers telling their side of how it works in their building.
    Your hub may be all shiny and happy,many are not.
    My initial thought to the OP was to tell him to take advantage of the ups sponsored educational program and
    leave unless they offered a serious job.
    UPS going public was a huge mistake imho,,,but I own no stock,so I don't really care.
    As a driver,I will do the job,follow the methods,and only hope that the nimrods at the top,will learn that
    service is the main word in this business,not production.
  16. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Go where ever you can get the most money paid towards your education, get your degree and get the heck out of UPS and use the education you worked so hard for.
  17. livingalive626

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    thank you so much for this. This really helped me out.

  18. brownedout

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    upssalesguy meet Upser08, Upser08,upssalesguy. You two run along and play nice (continue your relentless bashing of the workforce)
  19. UPSGUY72

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    If your want to go into sales your pay is in part going to be based on your performance (ie your ability to close deals). If your not selling accounts then your not going to get paid very well and will have a short career at UPS.