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  1. Jean-Yves

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    I start driver duty next week after intensive class studying.

    Does any driver here have any tips for me? What should i expect when with a supervisor in the first few days?
  2. Observer

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    What type of driver? Package car, feeder, etc. Try going to some of the older threads listed under what type of truck you will be driving. A lot also tell how it goes the first week or so with the supervisor on board so try those threads also. Remember a lot of supervisors will do anything to get you disqualified - so be on alert. They get a bonus for this. ALSO, read your contract book on how to qualify in driving. No lates, no accidents -even if it is avoidable they will try to blame you. Also do all of the safety checks especially if you are a package driver. Don't offer personal information about your family- this is not a social company. Be cordial and professional. Good luck. Also you'll find the uniforms are not comfortable. That is because they changed suppliers. They might as well used tent fabric they are so stiff. Maybe you can soften them up over the weekend. Poor quality which is sad.
  3. Turdferguson

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    To be overwhelmed. Try to remember where he goes to make deliveries. Be friendly but firm with your customers. You’re not their stock boy, only make deliveries to one spot, not all over their office. Take your time and be safe. Don't try to make up time by driving fast. You’re gonna suck at first and need help. Just try to get better each day.
    Good luck
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    I'll never forget one interaction with an secretary while covering a route. I brought in a handcart of random office supplies. She tells me "the paper goes by the printer, the Staples boxes go in the closet and the rest can go by my desk". I just stood there and looked at her with a straight face not saying one word. After 20 awkward seconds she the says "or you can just put it all by my desk". Lol
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