Aetna and UPS- Feel the Love


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Dont even get me started about UPS and insurance, even though I am in Central States.
I was in the same boat but with another condition with my child.
Three words:
They dont care
They dont care
They dont care
I am paying off my house for the second time because of this!


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Hey Driver x......Do you know these people? It would be nice to start a collection or something if the appeal doesn't work for them.


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They should all be put on an ice flow and pushed out to sea.:peaceful:

Driver x

Sorry,no. But I would think he is either a 705 or 710 driver somewhere in the chicago area.

doctor brown 688

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This is so sad! I have been seeing commercials for Aetna on direct tv lately trying to sell themselves as the caring insurance company,makes me laugh to my self everytime and think must be a different Aetna than at UPS.


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I have like 6 million bills, and for everyone I get from a doctor, I get a letter from them, aetna, denying payment, until I fill out a form saying I have no other insurance . When it pays, it pays well, but you have to fight for every dime. I too have refinanced, and withdrew from my 401k DS, so dont feel like the lone ranger, Just glad I was lucky enough to have something to refinance and withdraw. For a child or a spouse, what wouldnt you do?