AEX Group is just like FedEx Ground / HD...

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    So I was thinking about being an owner-operator in the future, but with the crap going around with ISP and all that drama, I'm putting it in the backburner...

    I always seen the AEX Group posting ads on craigslist every few months & did a lookup about how they're similar to what's going on with Ground/ Home Delivery

    a few paragraphs down also refers to the losing battle of FedEx Ground as well...

    sounds familiar, eh?

    and another firm in District of Columbia are also losing the battle:

    JGL Attorneys Jay Holland and Brian Markovitz Bring Class Action Against Delivery Company for Misclassifying its Drivers as "Independent Contractors" Instead of "Employees" Depriving Drivers of Proper Wages and Overtime Pay - Law Firm Joseph, Greenwa

    sure, it's a smaller company, but I see similarities with other types of independent contractor/ owner-operators.

    Priority Express was another that I see on the wanted ads from time to time as well (they were AVON couriers, I believe?) quotes:

    at least with FedEx, there's a steady influx of work and growth potential...
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    There was a link in another thread that explained it quite well. The blur between IC and employee is by law and by design and not likely to change. There will always be these challenges.
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    i'll try to find it since most of that pdf file turns into mumbo-jumbo & that's where they get lost and fall through the cracks...

    I cringe when my boss starts the weekly meetings with, "the following is FedEx's policy; if you guys don't follow it, I will lose my contract!"

    (so yea, we're really employees of FedEx & the subcontractor/ ISP are just the middle-man to take the brunt of the operating expenses)