Afghans Lack Knowledge of 9/11

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Sep 17, 2011.

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    When the one elder said he thought the twin towers were in Kabul that about summed things up fairly clearly. It's really not that amazing they allowed the taliban to take over the country.
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    How many by Christians? Catholics? What constitutes a terror attack? Source?
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    The source is in the blue letters.
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    Is there any disagreement that africans are still being used by slaves as the USA did back in the "good old days" of our constitution that Michele Bachman wants to return to?

    DO you lack the understanding that africa for the most part is being "KEPT" in the stone ages by the industializes countries in order to rob them of their resources?

    Why does the rest of the world live in homes, with streets, and lights, and running water, food, jobs, tv, radio,stores, schools and a good part of africa are still in huts?

    Using them as slaves goes back a long time, so I am not surprised that "muslims" still have slaves. But why doesnt the USA stop the practice? Why hasnt the USA intervened like they did in Iraq, afghanistan, vietnam, korea and such?

    Why do we let it continue? Oh yeah, we are still stealing their resources like the rest of the world.

    Until we take the lead and stop stealing resources from africa and keeping their people in the flintstone days, then I cant feel sorry for your photo.

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    Well if your so concerned, then give you buddy Barry and call and ask him why he continues to rape and pilliage....
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    :sad-little:It is sad when there are AMERICANS that so easily pick up a rock and throw it at their own country. A country they choose to live and raise their children in.

    A few points -Slavery was imported into the new world by the English and Spanish Empires who purchased the slaves from Africans.
    1619 Jamestown Virginia the first slave ship arrived --America as we know it today did not exist.
    During the same period of history MANY nationalities were enslaved and held down by the English empire.
    My Great Grandfather, Grandfather and father were starved and enslaved by the english.
    I am a first Generation American and will not let the "past" keep me as an enslaved person.

    Do not misunderstand , Slavery was and is a terrible thing but for many generations of American's you have to stop living in the past, it is more than time to make your life and your future generations lives much better.

    As people continue to blame the U.S. for stealing resources from Africa please remember to say a little prayer for "Black Hawk down" when we in Somalia to feed the poor. Also say a prayer for all the U.S tax money plus the Billons of private American charities that have been and will continue to be poured into Africa.

    Of course the people living there in huts and poverty have nothing at all to do with "African Leaders":dissapointed:
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    Africans have and still hold Africans as slaves themselves so I think we can get off the slavery guilt trip soapbox now. If some are so concerned then become a missionary, travel to Africa, discover oil there, and America will come running to help.
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    The President of Rwanda Paul Kagame is staying at New Yorks Mandarin Oriental Presidential suite for 16,000 dollars a night. Do you think he knows people in his country are starving ?? Do you think he is spending our tax dollars and charitable dollars wisely ???
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    Do you think he gets $16 muffins through room service ??