afraid to speak out about sexual harassment

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    A friend of mine was sexually harrassed for almost a year by a full time sup. She had had enough and reported the sup. They force her to produce witnesses and they interview the witnesses but they all say they saw or heard nothing (expected). Employee was treated poorly during the whole ordeal. Was told that she was probably overreacting and that this full time sup was a great guy and has been working for UPS for a long time and they have never heard such a thing. Employee was moved away after the report was made but they said they could make no promises she would not have to deal with this sup again.
    My question is what should she do now? She is still very uncomfortable at the job but cannot quit. Had and still is seeing a therapist all since this began. Cannot quit until done with school.
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    ​Lawyer up........A good one.....
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    Will this case hold any weight in court? One of the witnesses said they weren't going to speak out because the last time they spoke out on something else they tried to fire him. WHen I told the higher up guy that he said "it isn't my job to get people to talk, and honestly I am not going to try and change his mind about us retilating". They kept saying that maybe the other employee was lying to her about saying they remember this sup saying something sexual.
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    Police report?
  5. Cementups

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    get better witnesses.
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    nothing like a little voice recorder and them stopping by and seeing a lawyer..... If I had to use a recording device I wouldn't go to my SUP I would bypass and go straight to see a lawyer....
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    No one should be sexually harrased or have to put up with it. Anyone who does it should get in big trouble both fired and with the law. However, IMO, at the same level (or almost the same level) is someone who will falsely claim someone of this. Without proof, how do you punish a person in a he said\she said situation?
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    I would be an adult since there is now a report on him, and go do my job, and the heck with him. And if he gets close enough to bug me, I would knock a box off the line into his "area", and watch him limp away. Or a stapler, or a paper weight. IMO you give them power when you let them intimidate you. You did the best thing by reporting it. Now let him make his bed, and rot in it. Don't give lawyers money, don't let people think you are a victim. Tell him in no uncertain terms, that you are not one to f' with. Mention you have a concealed carry and get one. Take someone with you when you go to your car. Put your phone on record if he comes near you. Use your brain, not your braun. Make sure you have a rock solid case, then hire a lawyer. Make sure hes a psychotic, and not just a bully. Bullies hate bigger bullies. This is a time to make a name for yourself, that no one will forget. Never ever think just coz he is a sup, and you are hourly that he will be believed over you. Make it obvious, but be coy. You hold the power you just don't know it yet. This will be the best life lesson you will ever learn, if you handle it correctly. JMHO
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    Just call his wife...see how fast that crap stops.
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    Your friend should have reported it to the union steward the first time she thought the sup had done something wrong. The union should have taken care of the problem early on. If not, recorder, and lawyer. Sexual harassment one thing an old ugly guy like myself never has to worry about at UPS.
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    Be careful, depending on the state you live in, that could very well be illegal, many states make it highly illegal to tape another person without their consent. Not also is the tape illegal to use in court to prove your case, you will most likely go to jail for this.
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    I don't think it's illegal if you can prove a crime has been committed.
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    I'd never make it in with a recorder. Metal detector wand, shoes off, hats lifted, belt off (not sure why cause it doesn't go off by metal detector), water jugs opened, lunch boxes and bags opened and shuffled through, and my new favorite: lift your pants leg (???? cause they think I'm packin a ceramic knife the metal detector didn't pick up?)

    I dunno maybe they just don't want people bringing in a smartphone and recording the terrible working conditions.

    Oddly the exit security isn't near as strict. You'd think loss prevention would be a bigger concern.
  14. LongTimeComing

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    Recording someone without consent in most places is very matter what you 'think'. It won't stand in court and will only get you in trouble. Like others have said, get better witnesses and don't find yourself alone around him. Do not accept whatever sexual harassment is happening.

    And out of curiosity, what exactly is he doing or saying? Is it directed towards this person specifically or is he talking about things near her that's inappropriate? This difference will help out immensely, with a witness, if true action is expected against him. I have been aware of a situation where one man was talking about sexual things with another man around a female coworker quite often. She filed the sexual harassment charge and all that ended up happening was the guy was told to watch what he was saying at work around women.
  15. Covemastah

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    Go ahead ,, record him !!!! Don't play it back for UPS Managers,,,,send a copy of the tape to Mrs. Supervisor !!
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    California, a two party consent state, has an exception to recording converstations if certain crimes are taking place - remember Mel Gibsons's loving telephone messages to his girlfriend? I believe California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington are "two party" states. You, the recorder, only need to be one part of the conversation you are taping without the consent of the other person in a "one party" state. If the conversation takes place in a public place, where it can be reasonably overheard by anyone, you do not need permission to record it.
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    Well the guy was saying things about having a three-some with another co-worker. "you never had it like this before girl, sanwiched in between to men got you sweating". "you look good coming and going" "you have the perfect shape, whats your measurements, you're built like a brick house" Then harassing her about going to the bathroom, sometimes following her to the door. Asking for her phone number and her sisters "since u dont want me tell your sisters there is a a fine young gentlemen who makes money". She was once eating watermelon and he commented "I love women watching women eat watermelon, Im a southern guy, o look at the way the juice is dripping down your chin, lick it up". Some comments were said in front of other employees but they just laughed it off.
  18. jibbs

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    On the subject of one- or two-party consent with regard to phone-tapping and conversation recording:

  19. toonertoo

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    Well since no one notices when she is harassed, I don't think when he came through the bathroom door after you, any one would notice a knee in his groin. Especially since he would have to tell the safety committee, she kneed my winky when I went in the girls room.
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    winky? sounds kinda small :rofl: