after 18 years of service i was terminated today

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    why for termiation for working 12.20 and refusing to set in the building for another 45min to show a break. I have always work my tailin off for this company,and they treat me like this. My question is should i fight to keep my job, or just leave and say so long?
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    after 18 years of service i was termiated today

    You should have taken your break between the 3-6 hours of work as stated in the contract. Fight for your job I would be highly surprised if you don't get it back.
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    no replys to this person if he dont know the answer. eeeffffffffinnnnnnnnnnnn
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  5. UPSGUY72

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    Really ???? You worked 12.2 hrs without taking a break...
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    Some of these posts are getting disturbing....
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    You should try and get your job back.
    If you want to leave UPS, do it on your own terms and when you have your emotions under control.
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    Listen to the wise man.
    He knows of what he speaks.
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    Suspension--time served---back to work on Monday.

    Work as directed.
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    Work as directed? Work under the contract. You have a designated window for lunch/break. Take it. They will have to work the plan around you. You've now seen an example of how much they value your hard work. Learn from it.
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    He will get his job back if he wants it. It could happen quickly or it could take a couple of weeks it all depends on how bad he :censored2: off his management team.

    This is why you work as directed and file grievance later.
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    I appreciate that you do not like that particular part of the contract, but work as directed is in the contract.
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    Sounds like a DOT violation if you work 13 hrs.
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    My point is he would not be in this pickle if he worked under the contract. He would have taken the lunch at the appropriate time and would have finished his 12.20 hours working as directed until he punched out.
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    18 years and dont no what to do???? spare me the (bs) because thats what this post is. ooohh i was treated bad after 18 years hey bud your lucky it took 18 years my nasty treatment started abot 18 minutes into it. i think you should RESIGN. BECAUSE WE NEED PEOPLE WHO ARE GONNA STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR THERE WRIGHTS ,
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  17. NO NO NO. I need more info on the op. They are so poorly written you have to guess about parts of it.......That said...........I WILL NOT WORK AS DIRECTED WHEN IT IS UNSAFE OR ILLEGAL.
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    brownIEman says you will!
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    BrownIEman drinks the cool aide and spends his time trying to figure out how to screw the workers.

    Cach is right.
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    thanks to all yes it time to fight and yes i will never be a company man again hope the union what me