Agawam man will receive more than $800,000 from his former employer

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    Agawam man will receive more than $800,000 from his former employer after Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination rules in his favor - Mass Live
    An Agawam man will receive more than $800,000 from his former employer, United Parcel Service, after the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination determined the firm engaged in discrimination based on his disability.

    Barbara Green, press liaison, of the MCAD, characterized the award as one of the largest the MCAD has ever awarded.

    “It’s huge,” she said.

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    This is bullpoop. People hide behind, words like depression, and anxiety. They are make believe conditions for weak minded people.
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    In many instances that may very well be the case.
    These terms have been over played and abused, as have others like ADD in children for instance.
    In this case though, the word depression was accompanied by the term bipolar, which is a legitimately and clinically verifiable chemical imbalance.
    With this in mind, I have to wonder why UPS would not accomodate his request, in light of it being prescribed by his doctor.
    I'm guessing they wish they had in hindsight.

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    So are you saying you have agreed with me twice in two days? I think this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship.

    Well here's my take. He's management and UPS feels it can treat management any way it wants to. I always thought bi-polar management was a plus. It keeps everyone on their toes. Usually the bi-ploar management person is the one in the hot seat, and using their bi-polarness (new word) towards lower level management and union employees makes them successful. The problem here is someone higher up than the bi-polar guy, were messing with him. It's sorta like a dumb boxer, it's great to be the manager because you use his stupidity to kill his oppenents, but the second the manager calls the boxer dumb, the boxer kills the manager.
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    Did the boxer start out dumb or did all the head shots make him dumb? If the answer is the former, can he stay at the intial level of dumbness or does he get dumber because he sticks aroiund and keeps getting hit. Does everyone tell him he's lucky to have a job and if he doesn't like it quit???
    Same question for the bi-polar management person.

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    If he doesn't like his job he should quit.... Oh but wait, he is too dumb to get another job.. See this is a perfect example of the union workforce..... Great Point....


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    My avatar is shaking his head at you now. Especially for very first sentence. Is that your philosiphy in life that if things dont go your way or you dont like them you should quit. Interesting theory. I dont want you on my team by the way unless we are winning and your getting all the calls in your favor.

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    I don't want you on my team either. BUT FYI My team always wins..