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    Ok folks. Anyone out there know anything about this? From what I have heard, UPS is hiring retirees back to work (20 hr week max) and these folks act as consultants. Anyone out there know anything about this? In our district there have been a lot of questions from the region asking us old timers about our retirement plans (which I believe is illegal). Comments?
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    Only time I've seen that is at peak.
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    If they come back their either:
    A) idiots
    B) not good with managing their money
    C) both a and b.
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    I believe you are referring to Retired Management employees.
    Is that correct?
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    Add c insane
  6. Usually when companies hire former employees as consultants they are considered contractors. They are paid as if they are a company and receive no benefits.
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    Consult on what?
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    Last peak they hired former managers as Diad trainers, and upkeep the compliance paperwork. Most of the regular sups were either DQF potential peak drivers for peak or training the peak drivers on the routes.
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    I can use someone to re-cert everyone on the yearly safety compliance to begin with....I easily have 40 hours in admin work a week for a "consultant".
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    If you need someone to walk around the yard and write down trailer numbers, I'm your man.
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    Maybe all these new management tatics are being viewed as counter productive and they want some insight on how to effecrivly motivate the current culture of younger management to problem solve without fear of reprise.

    Short version: They need someone to tell them upper management's managing skill ain't working.