Agorist Mass Transportation, Black Markets At Their Best

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Oct 8, 2011.

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    If you believe in free markets and liberty, this is to be celebrated. If you think it's wrong, it's clear you support statism and only believe that Obama can create jobs for the down troddened and you must be a pinko-commie liberal!

    The (Illegal) Private Bus System That Works

    All kidding aside, it is an interesting example of economic creativity but like so many other creative ventures, will the state stifle a free market action in a time where positive market action is at a premium?
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    Something so simple but life changing.

    A Solyndra that works for$ .005 instead of $500 Million

    Actually very remarkable. Just fantastic!!

    Solar light made out of a drink bottle.

    Get the gov't involved and.....
    Ya, let's see...the EPA will decide the glue is toxic...OSHA will decide the worker is at danger of falling or getting cut...We will need a committee to study the social impact on those who don't have the light...Child Services will have to determine if there are any long term effects on infants eyes caused by the light...the IRS will have to figure out a way to tax it...License Bureau will have to decide what training is required to sell and install the units...Public Works will have to study the effects of disposing of the tin cut outs...Health Services will need to do a study of the toxins in the water...but before long the Mob will take over...payoff all the officials and make the people an offer they can refuse to have the lights installed in the house or else (at a very reasonable price)...don't you just love free enterprise??!!