Agreement sucks? Well...whats our demands? "On Topic"

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Hethatbeking, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Hethatbeking

    Hethatbeking Active Member

    So the general census seems to be that the current hand shake agreement sucks. So what is the rank and file's counter offer?

    Here's what I want:
    -8.5 language that protects all drivers regardless of Seniority or progression point. (Unions like to brag about the forty our week. Time for the Teamsters to live up to the legend.)

    -3 year progression: 1st year- $20.50, 2nd year- 25.00, 3rd year- Top scale.

    -Yearly raises tied to inflation.

    -Discounted restricted stock options (we are all USPERS right? We should all get a piece of the company.)

    -$15\hr minimum wage for part time employees (FedEx paid me $12.85\hr in 2006, therefore anything less than $15 is pathetic)

    -Tuition reimbursement for full and part time employees

    -Locker rooms complete with showers. (Again FedEx offers theses amenities, so does the Tesla)

    -Fans for the trucks cargo bay

    -$100 voucher for work shoes (FedEx...oh nm you get the idea.

    -Free socks! (Most important demand, non-negotiable)
  2. silenze

    silenze Lunch is the best part of the day

    Bigger raises
    No subcontractors jan 15 to nov 15
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  3. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    I couldn't agree more.
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  4. Over disciplined0123

    Over disciplined0123 Active Member

    Lol. Funny. Well today some guy at a pickup stop used a digital thermometer to check the temp in back of truck and it was 140 today. A 90 degree day .. That I believe constitutes a safety hazard How bout hazard pay also
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  5. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    What do you thing the temps get up to in a 53' Feeder trailer on the road all day? At least you get paid more then minimum wage and no benefits.
  6. Bubblehead

    Bubblehead My Senior Picture

    Hey pal, you need to check your entire truck for misloads by 3pm.....140 degrees or not!!!

    .....but make sure you hydrate???
  7. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    2pm at my building. What is the problem? Truck should be almost empty by then.
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  8. Bubblehead

    Bubblehead My Senior Picture

    Are you telling us that you are washing the insides of 53' trailers, on a part time basis???
  9. Bubblehead

    Bubblehead My Senior Picture

    I'm just getting off lunch and my two 10 minute breaks, with about 40 of 110 stops off at 2pm.
    Who do think I am, Dave???
  10. RealPerson

    RealPerson Active Member

    Starting pay $15 an hour
    4% or better pay raises
    Keep the day after Thanksgiving
    Tighter language on Hybrid Drivers AND SurePost
    Benefits after 90 days, Make Benefits FREE again. (Guess this is on the Union, since it is under their control)
    Opt in for over 8.5 hour days
  11. km3

    km3 Well-Known Member

    Seems reasonable. I would add, that whether it's 9.5, 9.0, or 8.5, the grievances should apply towards penalty pay (using the language in Article 17--1/2 your daily guarantee for every pay period they don't pay the 9.5 penalty).

    I'm fine with $13.00. I just wish they would give catch up raises for current PTers.

    In my area, this isn't a contractual issue. It is offered out of the goodness of the company's heart to attract more workers.
  12. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    I go inside the building to check on my coworkers unloading. Mostly the female unloaders and their wet t shirts.
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  13. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    Are you a PT air driver delivering ground at top rate?
  14. eats packages

    eats packages I have depth perception issues

    Still have not eaten enough donuts to make up for the boots and gloves I've purchased.
  15. Coldworld

    Coldworld Bad mall donut!!!

    Have their asses out in the 140 degree truck.... yeah right.
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