Air Combos- where do they get off?

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    As you can probably guess, i'm an Air Driver! and to take a quote from the movie Network... "I'm mad as hell and i'm not gonna take this anymore!!"

    So here are some things i'm wondering about-

    1. what language allows UPS to give us split pay, and not other 22.3's?
    2. why is it when i pick up a ground package from a customer i get ground rate, but when i pick up my average 30-40 ground packages a night from my drop boxes, i don't get ground rate?

    there are other things i can't stand about the position, but i do know where it comes from... (ie, the 2 hour lunches, the crappy required holiday's without extra compensation... the list could go all night) i just can't find where it gives them the right to do the 2 things listed above...
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    hey bro, hey yeah it sucks being a 22.3 air driver but we are a dying breed. not to many of us left anymore. just think though, women can't tell the difference between an air driver and a package car driver :happy-very:
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    First question, It's in article 40 section f.

    f. Employees who are in existing full-time combination jobs or who hereafter enter a full-time
    combination job shall be paid the appropriate full-time air rate for air driver work and appropriate inside
    part-time rate for the hours worked in other classifications.
    If an employee has no established inside
    rate, that employee will be paid the appropriate part-time rate in accordance with his Company seniority.

    Second question, (someone please correct me if I am wrong)

    When you pick up a ground or 50 grounds from boxes in the PM, and you are the last driver at that particular pickup box (i.e. driver has already gone by or gone home!), UPS and union agreed that any driver that is the last driver at a particular pickup location will pick up ALL packages there.

    However, at a customers location (when the customer is available), an on call service can be requested for the pick-up. This would involve the regular route driver. If you are an air driver and pick up grounds in this way, you should get the regular ground rate, because normally the regular driver would get it.
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    wow, for as many times as i've read article 40, you'd think i would have caught that first one...

    for the second one, i understand the pick up of grounds from the boxes with a "ground" pickup time- but here in columbus they've removed those from almost every box, and now my boxes i'm the only driver that picks them up- at any rate, my steward had me file on it- and apparently it's a grievance thats already being heard at the national level i believe, so hopefully we'll win that one- just alittle compensation for being the bottom feeders of UPS fulltime employees... haha

    (and you're right, women can't tell the difference... i get hit on by money-lovers more in uniform... hahaha)
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    I assume because you are the employee and they are the employer.
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    Here in New England the issue was already lost, regarding picking up non-air from boxes, so you can expect a similar outcome unless your supplement deals with that issue (which I highly doubt)