Air Driver can't go to feeders ?

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    My hub has 2 kinds of full-time air drivers..Article 40 and 22.3. We have about the same number of each. The article 40 drivers spend all their time on the road. I am a 22.3 driver and spend about 3 hours per week on my inside job. The other 22.3 drivers have similiar driving/inside ratios.

    There is no language in our local rider addressing feeder eligibility.

    Earlier this year our hub quit giving safe driving awards to part-time drivers. I am considered a part-time driver (for award purposes).

    They are now using these awards to determine feeder eligibility. The business agent agrees with this practice despite combo air drivers switching to feeders in the past.

    Has anyone else encountered this ?

    I am new to this forum and I welcome any advice on the content or the structure of my post.

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    In our local, 705, a 22.3 driver can sign the feeder list with their seniority date for the bid being their 22.3 starting date.
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    Lol @ using "awards" to determine Feeder eligibility. Never noticed that in the contract!
    Is your BA smoking crack?
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    Smoking managements crack.
  5. This is for the Red River District. Anyone can bid a 22.3 job. The job is awarded by seniority. Full-time trumps part time. There are a million scenarios but.....Say a package driver goes 22.3........then wants to go to feeders....if that person has more seniority(full-time) than anyone else.....they win the bid. 22.3 is a full-time job. If no person(full-time) wants the job then the top part time bidder gets it. We'll assume if the company wanted a street hire, the job would never come up for bid. Personally, using safe driving to determine a bid win is insane and makes no sense whatsoever. Mechanics(in theory) could go to feeders with never driving a package theory.
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    Thankgod they dont use the same system that they use on management!! (you know) The less u know the higher up you go!!!

  7. You mean the that strongly promotes minorities and women regardless of qualification......based on race?
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    Here, you have to have at least 1 year of full time safe driving to be eligible for Feeders.

    I think anyone going from driving a P3 straight to a tractor with a set of doubles would have a serious come-to-jesus wake up call about 5 minutes in the seat, if they even made it out of the yard. Lemme know the day that happens so I can call in sick please.
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    We had 2 22.3 guys go to feeders I still keep in touch with them, Yes they love it
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    You can only go to feeder if you are on the qualified list. Do you have a CDL-A license? If you do you will need to contact the Feeder Manager and let him know you are interested in getting onto the qualified list. In the past my building had held Paid Training Classes for drivers and others interested in obtaining the license and once the training is completed you get the license and they will put you on the qualified list. Once on the list you are allowed to bid into a feeded position based on your full-time seniority date. If you attend the Company School you will be required to give the company two years of driving when they need you, including nights or as a vacation cover feeder driver(that two years is supposedly mandatory, but has been broken in my building in the past for ultra personal reasons). If you don't have a license and no future posibility that the company will hold a training class in your building then you can obtain your license through your local union, or attend a Tractor Trailer Training School on your own dime. After getting the license you can ask the Feeder Manager how to get on the qualified list in your building. Good luck. Feeders has got to be the easiest job at UPS, at least it is IMO.
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    In my 20+ years of being an air driver I NEVER once was awarded anything .
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    Sounds like another, "it depends on your supplement and the interpretation" situation.

    We have a guy that delivers NDA to our center and we take it to the airport. He is feeder qualified and fills in for vacation coverage. When he started the air run, he was told that he could not cover feeder runs. If I remember correctly, he grieved it and lost.

    If you can document past practices where it was allowed, then you would have a case to grieve it. If it is a case of a 'guy knows a guy' then you are likely out of luck, as the BA and management already have an agreement.
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    and to add to the above.....

    In my center, if we need feeder coverage, we go off the qualified list, if there are not enough people on the qualified list, a feeder school bid sheet is posted. Only FT employees are eligible to sign. We have not had a 22.3 FT person sign and we do not have FT air drivers in my center.
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    Thanks for the new responses. I was afraid this thread was dead.

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    Re: Thanks

    Think it depends where you are. Sounds like you may be getting shaft. Especially if it s been done before.
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    Here, we have two seniority lists: FT and PT. 22.3 are grouped within the PT seniority list, and retain their PT hire date. PT progressing into FT use their FT hire date, with their PT hire date used only to calculate vacation weeks. Interestingly, a 22.3 interested in FT driving must compete with PT... yet when they chopped most of the 22.3 jobs here, those affected were able to bump -- FTers with less senority than them, district wide.

    I don't know anything about safe driving affecting feeder eligibility -- PTers here were never considered for safe driving awards. We also use the qualified list; if none are qualified, we proceed to the Feeder School bid list, in which only FT are eligible. Doesn't really matter much here, since they haven't added to feeders during my entire career (more than a decade).