Air driver Pay Progression ?????

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  1. Valued Customer

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    Can someone tell me the Pay Progression for an Air Driver? Also what is the difference between an Air driver and an exceptions driver?
  2. Overpaid Union Thug

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    $13.00/hr after one year
    $13.50/hr after 6 more months
    $20.62/hr another 6 months

    That's how mine was anyway. You'd start at $11.50/hr if you have been at UPS less than 30 days. Air exception is basically when you deliver any air packages. Those are also Saturday drivers. You would get paid as I stated above. For some reason the PM Air people (the ones that pick up drop boxes and UPS Stores in the evenings) don't get the same raises. I think they actually top out at $13.00/hr. All of them in this area did.
  3. Fredless

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    You have to work EVERY saturday too..screw your seniority.

    har har I keed I keed. ;)
  4. Backlasher

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    Yep, 30 days then at seniority these rates begin. my hiring date was Sept 7 but I wont get my big 50 cent raise till mid oct. Then I'll get $13.00 hr.

    Yea, 50 cents times 24 hrs. = $12 more to my check before tax.
    What will I do with it all.:wink:
    I wish the progression to top rate was better for us part timers.
    I work Mon.-Sat. I almost always get Saturday unless there's a seniority that bumps me.
    Without Sat. I get at or under 20 hrs.
  5. VTBrown

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    You know....I lurk more then anything here. Though lets think about this one.....

    Anyone else sick and tired of people complaining how long it takes to get to top pay?

    You criers and complainers need to leave UPS and go get a job in the real world. Your freaken crying about going up $8hr as an air driver and almost $14hr as ground in only 2.5 years?

    My god......Let me shed a tear :crying:
  6. Fredless

    Fredless APWA Hater

    Who exactly was complaining? Backlasher wasn't complaining, he was pointing out the obvious. The part time inside rate is barely above minimum wage. It hasn't gone up since the 1980's. I to wish the part time inside wage was better, it would help retain good employees and weed out the off the street hires because people would actually want the job.

    And leave UPS? On track for peak 2008 myself. I cannot wait for the real world. It's been a great motivator for me.
  7. VTBrown

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    He mentioned he wanted a quicker progression. It's been mentioned on this forum many times. It's gotten sickening.

    Um.....get real. With a Union - higher wages for part-timers does not translate into better employees. It would also RETAIN the CRAPPY employees at the same rate it kept the good ones.

    Let's face it. Part-timers do not work at UPS with the intention of staying part-time based on money. It's for the opportunity for full-time or it's for the benefits. Once they make their 30 days there is no incentive to be any better then the guy next to you.

    It's part time manual labor....what do you think is fair pay?
  8. Pollocknbrown

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    Finally someone said my point of view, personally i think 8.50 is a fair starting rate, and both the reasons u cited are my reasons for sticking around (FT opportunity and Benes). The "low-starting pay" does infact weed out the bad workers, why would u want to keep people around if they were not a good worker with the chance of making $26+? If i was running a business i sure as hell wouldn't want that.
  9. VTBrown

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    It's become my little pet peeve here.

    Why should the part-time manual labor employee's make significantly more then they do?

    Do they work harder then a full-time manual labor employee at another company doing roughly the same type of work? For honestly roughly the same pay with less benefits and far less of a positive outlook for bettering their situation? (going full-time)

    I'm talking the preload loaders/unloaders and the local sort loaders/unloaders. Let's face it guys, your not doing a technical job and your not relatively doing a very hard job either.

    Your here as I said before - for benefits or the opportunity for full-time. Your not here as a part-timer for the money.

    Anyone who thinks that increasing the starting wage for part-timers is going to somehow get better employee's here is dreaming.
  10. So you think someone who loads 4, sometimes 5 package cars totaling 1200-1400 packages and needs to do so in 5 hrs or less isn't a hard job? Nevermind the fact that the majority of the work comes at the end of the day and its crammed down your throat by doubling up the workers in every area BUT the metro lines. All the while you're supposed to have it all sequential and have no misloads. Do you honestly think PAS makes everything THAT easy? Actually forget that did you think the people that used to have to remember all the streets on those trucks had a harder job? What is a hard job for you? Most drivers think its a pretty tough job here at my hub so I'm just curious.

    Forget that for now, lets move on. Most pt jobs in MA (even retail) pay more than UPS and in some cases a lot more for less work and better (not to mention more flexible hours). As of jan 08 UPS will be paying minimum wage here (8.50) do you really think thats going to attract a good worker whether they want to go FT or not? Do I think PTimers need to be paid more than FT or just below them? no. Do I think they deserve more money than a kid working at starbucks? you bet. Said kid makes 10 bucks an hour AND gets benefits (hard to believe maybe but true). UPS is no longer the only game in town for benefits. It also has to keep with the industry. Do you think the young workers that UPS wants are going to come here for 8.50 when they can go to FedEx and make 11.50? (least at the one by me) or to a distribution center (such as lowes) and make 14-15/hr to start? The "privilege" you speak of means nothing many in this demographic as its just a college or sometimes a summer job to a lot of them.

    Our hub was hoping the recently mandated healthcare in MA would bring us a lot of hasn't...not by any stretch of the imagination.

    Do I think more money alone will automatically get us better workers? No probably not. Do I think more of the hardworking people we DO get would put up with more BS that this place deals out with aplomb? Definitely. They've got to do something because we can't get ANYONE to stay on any of our shifts and the free candy (shirts, water bottles) they're passing out just ain't sweet enough. Money talks.
  11. VTBrown

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    For some reason your thinking loading 5 cars somehow makes it a job that requires much more then basic reading and human thought with some inhuman effort required.

    I'm not saying it isn't physically demanding at times. I'm saying it's a basic unskilled job and is paid accordingly.

    I was a preloader and a floater at that. So I never got "used" to my cars. The job now is MUCH easier. Yes....for all of it's problems PAS made it much easier to load the cars how they want it now.

    As to your PT wages in those same PT jobs offer FREE benefits, vacation and sick pay as well as a pension? Do those same PT jobs offer a chance to make as much as $80,000 a year with no secondary education needed?

    You think what you want but in the REAL world very very few PT employee's are actually getting benefits if they did in most cases it would be their entire check or most of it.

    It's not a job for everyone.....FedEx offers more money for's true. Do you ever wonder why with even a higher starting wage they are advertising weekly in the papers for handlers? Even in a rural area as mine.

    It's not the starting pay. It's the environment. It's the lack of KEY PART-TIME positions for people to aspire to that don't want to be management or full-time.It's the crap they have to listen to everyday whether it be complainers or the Union/Management battles.

    It's just not an enjoyable place to work.
  12. Backlasher

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    I'm not some college kid, I'm 32 and know real work. Was a mason for years.

    You ever pour a footer 4 a foundation or build a basement with 12" block in the middle of winter? You ever work in a foundry? I poured metal and worked the furnace while the air temp. was 150 degree's. and have the company close shop after you've labored there over a year.

    I was paid well with those jobs and the raises didn't come small either.

    Don't lecture me. I'm only saying the truth. We're all in it for the top rate. It's just the small raises it takes before your at top rate that sucks for people like me that have too work work 2 jobs during the week and a part time weekend to support my family.

    I like it here at UPS and if I didn't I would'nt need a knucklehead like u too tell me 2 get a real job.

    What air-driver gets $8 hrly or takes 2.5 yrs to get $14. You don't even know what your talking about. Look at previos post for payscale to figure it out.

    My past careers came with many lay off's and 2 companies closed house so I HAVE known hard work for along time and that's why I'm here. Stability.

    The top rate is great but;
    50 cents in a 20 hr. paycheck aint squat is my point!
    Top rate is a 2 year progression but if you can cry for a raise when your already making $27.50 hrly at full time then why can't the rest of us whine a little bit for bigger raises during our progression to top rate.

    Isn't that what a union's all about. Expecting more out of a company while there record profits and the Majority of us are part timers so why not show some support.

    I average 22 stops an hour doing about 45 A.M.s that I don't start running till 8:15/8:30 till 10:30. so I know I'm good at my job.
    It's not just LTR's either. I get bulk.

    It's not a little route either. My air covers 3 ground driver routes. Lots of over speed limits and running for me. and I pull load and sort my own truck and pull for my meet point to drop another drivers route 2.

    I like UPS but don't like your mouth.:ohmy:

    I'm stuburn and I'm sticking it out to time for ground but don't wonder why most of your part time pre loaders, sorters etc. give ya some misloads and it's a new guy loading the truck every 1 yr or so. maybe it's the small progression making them leave

    Those that stay for years preloading know that even during the dedication and waiting for it that it wasn't easy and I'm sure during those years other jobs have crossed there minds but the few stuck it out anyways 4 the same reason I am now. With or without a thoughtless mind like you.

    I'm in it for long term. I don't have to worry bout a lay off unless things get screwed up and we strike and loose so much volume to competitor cause $27.50 ain't good enough gets me laid off.

    50 cents gets ya $10 bucks on a part timers check. I wasn't even trying to push an issue but You got me fired up now.

    4 everyone else stuck reading this don't mind me. it's directed 2 him with no intentions 2 directly or indirectly insulting anyone else.
  13. give me more

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    i was an air driver am/pm for many is the same no matter what shift..Heck, I laughed at the pay I received for the little work us air drivers did/do
    I ran 25 stops and thats leaving the bldg at 9 sometimes 915 getting done by 1030..I did not work saturdays unless it was forced ex:b4 holidays
    come on air driving is just about the easiest job there next to clerking..
  14. Lobofan5

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    I think the lack of ANY type of merit raise is a problem.

    I will never understand the reasoning of "whoever comes to work, breathes in and out, the longest" gets advancement opportunities.

    Seems to me it breeds a lackluster attitude towards job performance in a lot of people.
  15. thom1842

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    I have a couple questions and this thread seemed like a good place to start.

    Some quick background: I have been at UPS for 10.5 months, and I bid for an Air Driver position which I won. I have been driving for 28 days, so my probation is almost over. My manager showed me the air driver pay scale and it was $11.50 first 30-days, $12.50 after 30, $13.50 after 1 year.

    My first question is about the pay rates. Since I started driving I have been making the second tier of pay ($12.50) the entire time. Is the pay scale based on my time driving or my time at UPS? In other words should I be looking forward to an extra $1.00/hour when I hit my one-year with the company?

    My second question is about vacation time. Like I said my one year with UPS is on October 30th. I asked my manager about scheduling my vacation because, as I understand it, if I don't use the time before the end of the year I lose it, and vacation time isn't given between Thanksgiving and New Year's so I have a small window. He said that he doesn't think I will get my vacation for another year because I bid to a different job. Is this true?

    Thanks for any help, sorry about the long post!
  16. Backlasher

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    You started at $12.50 cause you had already obtained your seniority date prior to starting as an air driver. your following raises as an air driver are based on your air driver start date.
    So around this time next yr. you will go up to $13.00.
    at 18 months (1 yr. 6 month) from your air driver start date you are at $13.50.

    at 24 months from air start you are then at top rate which as of Aug. 1'07 is at $20.50.

    As for your Vacation it follows threw from your hiring date at UPS and is not affected by changing job class. Call your unions local and make sure you get your Vacation. You earned it and deserve it just like the rest of us.

    Contrary to what the knuckle head in the comments above us think.

    Cough...VtBrown... aka..... give me more..aka log in and man up to your posting.

    Maybe some residential route might have easy air. DR away baby. Oh and remember a signature only counts if your not the one siging.

    My record was 29 stops in an hr. cause we all know how late those planes get in the winter. of course I saved a bulk stop for last, had it in pre record and sig mode before 10:30 but I got em off legit.

    My area is no D.R. allowed and mostly commercial so I get alot of bulk. I had 35 large parcels for Sprint PCS. I get an average of 3 drums of powdered metals for 1 company among other bulks for metal stamping co.s etc......
    I have 2 have an p800 or 600 or I'm screwed for my route.

    Like I said. I assume you don't have Foundry work or Masonry work in your resume. I know work.

    And couldn't you look at every job as labor work. Nobody in this co. needs even an associates degree to do full time driven all the way down to pre load so why should any of get the top rates we get based on your mentality.
    but we all work hard.
    I wish your pre loader new what you think of him. I'm sure you'd be suprised on how jacked your sort might become.
    Just cause I'm only with ups 3 -4 hr a day doesn't mean my days done. I work my other job till 8:30p.m. ot later and I work expedited delivery on Saturdays and sundays.
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  17. Backlasher

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    Why don't you hold yourself accountable and log in next time you want to talk.

    The average driver gets off 14 stops and it's respectable.
    I'm in know way trying to be little anyone. 14 is respectable unless your the mail man.

    The top drivers get 18 and over. mixture res/commercial. few get off more then 20. and I don't know a driver yet that thinks 20 or more at an hours click is easy unless there rout is wraped right around there center. like there center is the center of there route. I know a driver that has a route like this and he loves it. Wouldn't anyone.
    So many variables to account for to say that some geting 14 an hr could be a high count if conditions are tough.

    Like I said before, I have no intentions on desrepecting anyone other then this trash talker. So if anyone feels a pinch about my comments. Sorry but this guys getting a little to personal and I should just start ignoring him before I start to dig to deep and I don't want to taint The Brown Cafe's image with these garbage posts so I'm puting him in invisable mode.
    I'm putting on my shades and chilling out. starting

    I never intended on this being a cry baby session just wanted to put some thought towards what might help us good working part timers back on the map.

    We must be important to somebody or there wouldn't be so many of us.:tongue_sm
  18. give me more

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    yes the least I was allowed to go out with was 15 the most my center isnt located in the woods...Average mileage there nad back 20 if that...Our air drivers arent spread thin like FEDEX...
    Lets see I ran the same area for 15 years maybe an extra stop here or there but basiaclly same customers day in...So, YES I ca/did run that many... Heck 14 stops means I would be done then stealing time trying to barely get my 3.5 hours for the day...

    Some drivers are just better skilled than others, even when working the same methods...
  19. thom1842

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  20. Fredless

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    VT Brown - blah blah blah..if all it is, is sickening to you, stop reading it. Use your massive brain power elsewhere.