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    Sorry i am a noob to this site, but wanted to ask a simple question that i can't get a answer for. I was browsing through the Nation Master United Parcel Service Agreement and came across Article 40 Section 1 (9). Shuttle work currently being performed by part-time air drivers shall be converted to full-time air driver work when the driver vacates the job except when there is not enough work available to create a full-time job. Can someone please explain this statement? Thanks in advance.
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    Part time air driver does shuttle. Part time air driver retires, quites, bids on another position, fired. Whatever the case may B!!

    That shuttlework is supposed 2 be combined with other work 2 create a fulltime position.

    The shuttle for my center is done by a fulltime air driver.

    He starts early and works inside, then drives to airport and shuttles air back 2 building. Then he does an air route. He gets 40 a week and gets a better pay rate then part time air drivers but less then fulltime drivers. I think his pay is $28hrly. No overtime allowed for him.
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    Thanks for the quick response. That brings me to my next questions. If a part-timer has been doing the air shuttle work for over a year because a full-timer retired, does this statement apply to the part-timer ? Does it mean until the part-timer vacates the position they can't turn it into a full combo job?
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    I'm a loader on the twilight. My hub supe knows I want to be a driver, so he suggested I go to hr and inquire about Sat air driver position. I'm only 3 months in as a loader. I have a class B CDL, but only drive automatic unfortunately. Since I barely know how to drive stick, would I be better of as just being a driver helper next peak before I even think about doing Saturday air?
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    In my amateur opinion:
    1. Yes, Art.40 Sec.1(9) now applies to the PT air driver. The members/stewards/union reps missed their chance to protect that FT job by failing to grieve it in a timely manner (or it was grieved and lost).
    2. So, yes. Until that PT air driver vacates that job, there is ZERO chance of it being combined into combo. (FT or less than 8) job. And even when the job is vacated, it is now highly unlikely it will ever be turned into a combo. job.
    This issue sticks in my proverbial craw, because nearly the exact same scenario happened in a bldg. I worked in. None of the stewards or union reps. knew about the PT air shuttle job up for bid, or didn't know that line in the contract. All I knew was I was 1 day away from winning the bid, until a 16 year PT employee signed the list. Seniority prevails, of course. In that building, that could have easily been converted to a FT air driver, or even a less-than-8 combo job. The company would have fought it, I'm sure, but the work was/is there.
    At the time, I was more concerned with trying to understand the Hours of Service regulations (to see if I could work that job), getting my driver's abstract from DMV, and getting my own DOT physical (just to make sure I passed).
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    Not that this helps at all, but our building is a mess concerning air drivers and 22.3. Part-time air drivers doing airport runs (against contract), 22.3s taking lunch whenever management wants them to (extra contract agreements), it's just a sad situation that no one wants to address/ co or union.
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    If he delivers one ground package he gets FT driver pay for the whole day.
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    I know this is a little old, but it kind of pertains to my situation. What if the part timer grieved this? would he have been made full time or would they put up a new bid replacing the part timer?