Air Driver used to run Routes?

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  1. Dnking

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    How does this work in your center? Can air drivers be used to cover a route? I believe the union book says that they can be used to deliver ground, but they would have to be paid package car rate. But actually runnin a route? I think our center has a shortage of drivers right now, due to vacations. And we have one guy off on disability.

    Hows this work?
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    He has to be paid top rate for ground. Master agreement. It can be done, but it shouldn't happen because managements job is to schedule correctly. Just because one person is injured shouldn't justify having to use an air driver. It's more indicative of a lack of planning. Summer comes around every year. Same as peak. I know management isn't aware of what a calendar looks like even though we have to put our vacations in in November just to avoid this type of situation. Just sayin'.
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    Right on. The injured drivers bid should have been posted as a temporary bid until they RTW.

    Outside of peak I have not seen air drivers running routes, however if the situation arose then yes I could see that happening.
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    They put a summer seasonal bid up. Its supposed to be seasonal work from May up till Labor day. I got the bid, but I dont go to school till May 16-20. But there is a need right now for coverage work! Im just kinda waitin to see whats gonna happen until i go to school..
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    If an Air driver deliver on ground package he get to rate ground for the whole day.
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    I see am air drivers coming in at 8pm quite frequently.
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    It is a contractual violation.
    Exception air drivers are only allowed to deliver packages that are not able to be delivered by the regular driver because of time commitments.
    Ground, second day air, 3 day select, and air savers (res) aren't air exception packages.
    They are only allowed to pickup packages that weren't available for pickup when the regular driver closes out the pickup for the day.
    When they do the air driver is entitled to top rate pay, but that is only half the issue.
    Any driver willing can grieve it as extra work not awarded in seniority order.
    I have filed hundreds of these grievances and won thousands of dollars in settlements.
    I have 12 pending as we speak and dare them to continue.
    Truth of the matter is that they are forced to staff to the bare bone and often have no recourse but use the air driver when in a pickle.
    I tell them that they can consider paying the grievance part of doing business under their present model.
    When their bare bones staffing works out they make money, when it doesn't I do.
    GRIEVE IT!!!!!!

    P.S. Check the morning report daily (we call it the racing form). I bet you'll see many air drivers getting excessive hours even when they aren't covering a route. They will use them to shuttle bulk and misloads, as well as deliver extra splits. Check the breakdown of premium packages to their total piece count. If they are working more than 5 hours they are probably doing fulltime work or have an abundance of late air. The records will tell the story.
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    Ok. This is what happened...Our center has two air drivers. Im one of them. The other air driver has gone to driving school for seasonal work, but i have more seniority than him. Well like i said I won the summer seasonal bid, but dont to school till May 16. My center did'nt have anyone to cover a route. They checked with Labor and they decided to use me. The other guy isnt too happy about it, saying since he went to school, he's more qualified and they should've used him.

    There payin me seasonal rate. So technically there considerin me seasonal, not an air driver...
  9. over9five

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    You have seniority, you win. If they wanted to, they could send you to driver school.