Air driving question, they seems to be shafting me a bit lately

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    I typed a long rant about my situation but decided it was too long so ill just state my exact question.

    Lets say they call me to drive ground help for the day. Than they call back 30min later leaving a voice mail via they changed their mind and they dont need me via various reasons. If i never answer my phone and i just show up at the hub do they have to give me work? After the first call and i say "yes i want to work." I thought i heard somewhere that after i agree to it than i dont answer my phone again and end up at the hub they have to give me work. But if i answer my phone again and hear them say they dont need me than they owe me nothing. Kind of a dick move on my part to do this but they have been waking me up a lot lately, i get all ready than they back out at last minute when i answer my phone a second time saying they no longer need me.

    I also have many more air driver related questions. I want to know all my rights as an air driver. Im a low confrontation employee. But when they wave a 14 hour day of full ground pay in your face and take it away last minute it can be frustrating. Ground help is how i pay for all my vacations and stuff. Two days of ground pays a trip to vegas, three days a trip to hawaii haha. Does anyone know where i can find a very in depth thing to read about air drivers rights?

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    They seems?
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    Article 40
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    Never answer the phone the second time and show up. If they tell you they left you a message, tell them you want to work. Have a witness of course. They will work you or they will pay you in a grievance. Simple as that.
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    If you are called in you are guaranteed your daily minimum. As was stated above, don't answer the phone the 2nd time----get dressed and go in. They will either find work for you or they will pay you to go home.
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    I am not sure what to make of the things you wrote in your post because it is my understanding that AIR drivers are NOT supposed to be called upon to deliver ground, period. Going back about seven years, I was regularly being telephoned to come in early much like you describe. In my case I never had an issue with then being told to not bother coming in. Anyway, it has been my understanding that the union put a stop to this practice and I have not been telephoned to be asked if I can come in early in years now.
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    Work as directed. All of our Air Drivers do ground. Article 22.3., PT air drivers, Exception Air Drivers. Pays top driver rate so why not? Have FT drivers laid off and we still work all the hours we want and more. Used to drive the little P 500 and now drive the P 10's with couple bulk stops thrown in. Couple times a year the Union shows and puts a stop to it. For a week. We do not have PT cover drivers, just use PT preloaders and pay them top rate.
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    Well, there's a grievance or six waiting to happen.
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    You have FT drivers laid off yet are using PTers to deliver and/or pickup ground? Are the FTers at least getting their hours by bumping 2 PTers? Have any of them filed on this?
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    I think they are sitting by the phone waiting for a call. If we are short on Saturday Air they may work. Been going on for years so I'm sure someone has filed on it. Have asked center manager before why am I working and FT drivers are laid off? Only allowed so many drivers and I don't count.