Alan Graf CFO sells 50,000 shares

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    Okay this one makes me wonder..Alan Graf Chief Financial Officer sold 50k shares of stock on July 1st for 4.498 million...Normally, not a big deal if it's Fred but this is the money guy and it's a lot of stock...
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    You mis-spelled it. It should be "Graft", as in corrupt. Mr. Graf is cashing-in, which might mean he's retiring, or just buying a bigger home in Aspen. One would assume the stock will go up after the "October Surprise". Maybe Graf isn't completely on-board with what's happening, so he will be free "to pursue other opportunities". It could mean a lot, or nothing at all, but it might be a tip-off if others start doing it too.
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    Probably waited until after the quarterly and annual results were announced in order to not give the wrong impression. At his level 50,000 shares of stock is probably a small % of his total holdings. Owning a lot of stock is great but you can't do much with it until you sell it.
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    Yea...I suppose if it was 100k shares it would be different since he owns 185k shares...spose he doesn't have to pay any tax on it..or wait ...maybe 10% lol
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    I'm gonna sell my 8 shares and pay my mortgage this month.
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    Or maybe they were just stock options that were going to expire if they weren't exercised.
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    He probaly going to bank roll U. MEMPHIS MOVE to big east.
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    Or move it to an offshore account in Bermuda
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    More stock options excercised for christina richards ..sells 48k shares for a total of 4.28 million. Im really glad they got rid of the shift premium or she may have had to sell a car .or have a bake sale ..