All AM Folk Will Be Parttime - PM Folk Fulltime

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by NonyaBiznes, Aug 31, 2013.

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    A manager let this "diddy" slip, in one of our meetings over a year ago. And yes, now it has come to pass. She said, "The ultimate goal is to make all AMers "part time". It looks like the AM shift will be made up of "part time folk" only; all "full timers", please report to the night shift. Who cares if you have lil bundles of joy, that you pick up from school or that you won't see your spouse during the week ... see you from 1400-2200, 1500-2300 or 1600-2400 hours. Be aware, it's coming to a station/ramp near you. And please remember, the new slogan is "Profit-Service-Peons". Enjoy your holiday and have a good one for me.
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    On the bright side, this will make it easier for me to call in sick one hour before my start time. :sick:
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    I agree I foresee pt FO/P1, Ft p2/pu in the near future probably after peak. That along with their healthcare plan is the main way the look to reduce the workforce( voluntary resignations) Hopefully before then I personally can find an out.
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    Good luck making this work for routes in extended areas.
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    I see partimer for P1 partimer for sos and partimer for pickup rte. Swing drivers will do extended, only ft employees left will be swing drivers..
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    What a great company.
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    There are not enough pu's to accomodate all the fulltimers at my station. And too many p1 for the amount of part timers.
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    When I started in NY, almost every PM route was FT. You could count on 1 hand how many PT PM routes there were. Not sure how it is now though.
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    OK, so what do you do about the West Coast? They've been running multiple shifts on the East Coast for a long time.
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    Wouldn't make sense financially. Even though they'd be paying less hour-wise, to cover 3 couriers instead of 1 benefits-wise would wipe out that savings.
    I know. My 1st route with FedEx was a FT PUP route. My station now just posted the 1st FT M route I've seen. The posting isn't up anymore, but I believe it's a 1300 start. The only way this can be done is if the oncalls are directed straight to that route instead of the AM courier. All the PM routes currently start at 1500, or later.
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    two words SPLIT-SHIFT (LONG ONES!) operational need (or you can quit)