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  1. Goldilocks

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    Anyone know whats going on? Someone told me that the Managers were told during their meetings yesterday whats about to go down. This was District wide..
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    Both of our Managers and the Engineer were here bright and early this am. They had little to say and weren't on the sort at all.
  3. Both of our Managers are going to be out for "meetings" and "training" for the rest of the week. Haha.
  4. Ricochet1a

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    The word on the changes are starting to filter down to Ops level managers. Many throughout the nation last week had a meeting regarding the impending changes. They were all told to keep their mouths shut.

    It does appear that Express Saver will end come December 31 of this year. I can't get independent confirmation of this, but I believe the source has more behind it other than just informed speculation. But I'm not ready to come right out and state that this date is set in stone.

    It appears that Ground did pick up a few large accounts (there was talk about this back in March-April here), and they are anticipating a large spike this peak from these shippers and consumer shippers. FedEx wants to keep the Express Saver service going through peak, to help take some of the pressure off of Ground. Once peak is finished, Ground will have the capability to easily take the additional 10-15% bump in volume that would result in Express ending 3rd day service.

    I'm trying to get confirmation from a source that is familiar with the truck routes out of Memphis (that carry 3rd day service out of Memphis to areas within about 750 miles) to verify if impending changes have/will be made in the scheduling of these routes (presumably come January 2013).

    There WILL be an announcement made to the Express hourlies in October. It will be thin on real details and impact on operational pattern, but an announcement will be made.

    DRA is still being brought up to speed, and won't have full operational capability till next summer - then in only about half of stations. The other half will be rapidly brought on line through the end of 2013.

    The clock is ticking on your career... You'd better start doing something rather than complaining and bitching about it.
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  7. MrFedEx

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    It's close enough to October where they are going to have to tell the ops managers something. My senior is MIA this week, but the ops managers are on-the-job. Whatever the case, it is absolutely obvious that everything we've been talking about here regarding ops for the last year is either already happening, about to happen, or on the way. What does that tell all of you about the future of Express? The answer is that there is no future, unless you're happy with around 30-35 hours per week, a huge pay cut any way you slice it.
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    Yes, you are 100% correct. I will play their games for three more years. At that point, I will have 20yrs with the company. Plan B right now is to make right the 20yrs as a courier has physically done to my body. Bad back, bad knees, and ruined elbows. Carpel tunnel from manipulating their supertrackers and maxipads. I will also seek compensation for 20yrs of documented 2nd hand cig. smoke in their vehicles and buildings coupled with diesel exhaust fumes in building before they installed so called exhaust fans. y'all do what y'all want-but thats what Im doing-
  9. Mr Fedex

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    And how would you know?You dont even work for FedEx.Your track record speaks for itself.Stop making up stuff please.Thanks.
  10. GoodGrief

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    Makes you wonder.....
  11. bbsam

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    What about his track record is there to question? I think he's been fairly accurate.
  12. hypo hanna

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    I agree. I've only been here a short while but he does appear to have some inside source/s. why is it hard for you to believe that someone who no longer works for the company might still know people who still work there? A friend of mine started in Memphis but went out to the field over 20 years ago. He still knows most things coming down the pipe long before it is announced by management.
  13. Mr Fedex

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    Did Ground merge with Express No? Did FedEx unionize no.Did they lay everyone off? No.Did Ground take XS and E2? No.Did MRFedex retire from Fedex?No.
    These are just a few things Mr Rich and MFE preached for years and never came true.My point is that Richotta works at Walmart now and not for FedEx so why would any of us believe his "INSIDE SOURCES"? Just do a search of his posts.Trying to organize us.The Teamsters were coming.It was imminent.blah blah blah.Fool me once....
  14. thedownhillEXPRESS

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    Pension gone? Yes...

    Pay progression eliminated? Yes...

    No more step vans? Almost....

    Postings of internal documents? Yes...

    Shill it how you want but most veteran posters here would say he's right more than wrong....
  15. Lordtekk

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    I don't know his info seems good and he does not seem to have an ulterior motive. My opinion is that he genuinely cares about his former Fedex compatriots.
  16. GoodGrief

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    Maybe so, but my question is why? He doesn't know any of you from Adam, yes he spends all this time and and what seems like hundreds of posts to do what? To me it looks like the only thing he cares about is hurting FedEx.
  17. hypo hanna

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    Maybe you would understand if you had been a driver. At one time it very much was a brotherhood. Drivers looked out for each other. We worked hard together and we played together. There was a feeling of family much like FedEx promoted. That's all gone now but there are still a few of us old timers who still look out for each other.
  18. Lordtekk

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    I don't see it that way, I still read the news from my former city and I don't live there,should I not do that anymore ? As far as hurting Fedex I don't think they need any help doing it to themselves. I have never seen morale this low in the company. I like the guy and I have never met him from Adam,he is informative and his record speaks for itself.
  19. The guy speaks the truth. It's nice to be informed.
  20. thedownhillEXPRESS

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    He keeps us more informed than FedEx Corp, and Memphis doesn't like that...