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    There is a very important vote coming to your house on OCT. 8[SUP]th[/SUP] on the IBT elections. We at UPS can help ourselves by sending in your vote. If we vote for the GEGARE/SHEARD slate we can for the first time in many years have our contract enforced and have someone in DC that is looking out for us members. With 22.3 and 9.5 being completely ignored by our union we can change this. With UPS direct affecting many us, we can change this as well. UPS members have not voted very strongly in the past but we need to vote this time for change. I am supporting the GEGARE/SHEARD slate as they are the only ones running with a diverse slate and with the experience to get the job done. Please check out their web site at www.fred2011 . It is time to quit complaining and vote for change we all need. .

    GEGARE 2011
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    Gegare and his bunch drunk freight buddies have about as much chance as Sandy Dope.

    Wow.... a glowing recommendation from Carey's son....

    TDU Fred.... Yeah....

    Thats what we need.

    Where is that 6.4 billion that UPS paid to Central States ?

    And the other 4 billion Fred lost as Union Chairman of Central States ?

    I will ask him next time I see him bellied up to the bar.

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    Wow, BUG is that all you can do is resort to name calling? I guess when your guys cant run on their RECORD, name calling is the only thing to run on.


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    Hey BUG, why do members out on injury for over one year lose their health coverage, unless they want to spend $277 a month for an additional 15 months because everyone on comp is soooo rich? Right?
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    Those on the Gegare-Sheard ticket have UPS Package and UPS Freight such as Zuckerman,Farrish and Sheard. Others do as well. The 6 Billion has been explained over and over. How did your investments do in 08-09-10? Hoffa just stated in one of his last interviews that 2008 loses were driven by those at Wallstreet and you point fingers at Gegare alone.WTF? The Fund swings as the market swings, but you already know that, so what's the big surprise here? Maybe you want to tell everybody that Fred is buying and selling pension fund monies in E-Trade. WTF? The bar talk,WTF?
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    BUG, My ballot is being split as well as everyone else's ballot should. Im voting for Sandy Pope, hall, Steve Pocztowski ( because I truly believe he could have changed the ways of the IBT current business style and put the members first as he has shown us in his local), I am hearing alot of good things about this Connor guy out of Decatur and Coli from the Central region. I still have some homework to do on others and if I could vote for Sean OBrien he also would have my vote.

    Jimmy had his chance and by mixing the ballots we could come up with a good group of no nonsense Reps.
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    Hoffa slate for me.
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    come on Kid i thought you would be on board with a pres that would at least enforce the contract...with sandy pope as pres with the rest of hoffa's slate would be great...she is a ballsy woman that i really RESPECT i think we should not throw out the baby with bath water lets just replace the "son of a bitchs" that really dont give a flip about UPS......Keep hall Keep Ken Wood make your own mind up about Tyson ...O'Brian seems to be a good guytoo... as a delegate to the international convention I saw first hand that Hoffa (the hack) was a douche bag Vote for real enforcement of our UPS contract......Vote for a stop to age discrimination at UPS......Vote to end unrealistic production standards......Vote to end the harassment caused by telematics.....Vote to make UPS give us the 22.3 jobs they owe us.....Please Vote for Sandy Pope she is the right person to do the job Hoffa CAN'T BC
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    At the debate, as it is told, here is a couple of tid-bits: Sandy states to the crowd that UPS hasn't hired a full time employee in 5 years,hall blasts Pope for bankrupting her local Union,Pope endorses hall for GST,hall breaks out a sweat because now he is torn between two lovers. Gegare askes hall why grievances are backed up 300 to 400 at each panel across this nation and hall breaks out in a song and dance special. Gegare is the choice for your voice. Read about the debate at Gegare's website.
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    is this the same fred gegare that wants to pull us back into a losing position with central states?
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    How could anyone change a ratified agreement by the membership? Show us where he states that reference that you make. He is openly angered by the way the UPS management attacks the contract, and he is openly angered by the direction of lack of enforcement of the contract by the IBT leadership and you come up with that non sense.
    Okay, I made a mistake in my reply to you, yes UPS can change the ratified agreement as they feel free to do that almost every day.
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    I can't say for sure as I haven't seen the debate, but I read that Fred ducked the Central States question twice.