Already laughing At Peak

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by TeamLift, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. TeamLift

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    Most of our hubs best drivers have already quit since last peak and the remaining ones are heading out the door as we speak. Today was one of my friends last day, and as I look around there are more drivers I don't know than I do. Hell. a lot of contractors are gone as well. One contractor told me he was tired of X putting their hand and fingers in a business that is supposed to be his, nuff said.

    These new drivers are already complaining about HD going from 6000 to 8000 packages a day, wait till peak and they can't even see their truck for all the Walmart boxes. Early numbers are showing between 16 and 20 thousand per day, that's cause for some no shows for sure. We had a driver this week deliver about 25 or 30 stops then quit without saying a word to anyone, parked the truck in the hub with almost 80 stops inside. Another guy did that a couple of months ago and he is still there, working for another contractor. We also had a driver fired 3 times, once for cussing out a customer, he's finally gone, but come on, it took three times to get rid of him ?

    Because of the mass exodus, this is what FedEx is reduced to accepting, anyone willing to turn the key to the on position is hired. Past infractions no matter how serious no longer matter. These new guys have no idea what's in store, not getting out till after 9.30 am, working way past dark, working 6 days straight, and trying to pack 600 cubic feet of packages into a 400 cubic feet van. The hub doesn't hire temps anymore so contractors have to comb through the sewer to find enough bodies to put behind the wheel, and what they have been finding ain't pretty. Add to that the breakdowns, tractor trailer loads of packages that will be brought back each day, tempers on high, and managers that have no clue what they are doing and this should be a peak to remember.
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  2. Route 66

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    I love it!
  3. I Am Jacks Damaged Box

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    And so it begins.
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  5. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    I was about to leave in sept, but my subcontractor is getting desperate. Enough that he will give me a raise & cater to my schedule if it changes during peak... I may stick around to see the circus.

    I don't see much of the temp agencies hiring out on craigslist or other job boards yet,, I rather be paid by the hour if these late dispatches are happening. Especially with dusk coming earlier & SPORH drops dramatically & inclement weather plays a factor.

    I asked if he or the other contractors are trying to look for more drivers, so we can train them ASAP, but they say that the background checks are taking too long! If they're that desperate to have contractors supply their own supplemental drivers for peak, you would think FX ground/hd will expedite those backgrounds faster...

    We're blown out already with back-to-school sales the past sat, I had to flex some stops to 2 neighboring routes & used CPC texting to help each other out when 1 of us got done early without the middleman's intrusion. We all got done by 1830 that sat night & my fellow drivers thanked me for helping them out. I hate to see one of us staying out until 2100 this early in the year WTF!
  6. Cactus

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    Well...Merry F*****g Christmas!
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  7. TeamLift

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    I think FedEx is using a 3rd party to do the background checks and they are very strict, sometimes taking two weeks longer than it used to.
  8. Cactus

    Cactus Just telling it like it is

    Wow, that's a nice stumbling block for something that's supposed to be your business.
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  9. Purplepackage

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    Hey at least that guy brought the truck back to the terminal when he quit.

    One of our 25 year vets worked with ups in the 80s and one day he just parked the truck in a school parking lot and called the hub and said hey your trucks in the so and so parking lot keys inside. Lol
  10. Route 66

    Route 66 Bent Member

    wonder if he mentioned that during his interview with FedEx
  11. Bounty

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    How come I can't hire who I want. Why must I do a background check. Oh yeah, x tells me I have to. I forgot, I'm told who meets x's qualifications not mine.
  12. ImWaitingForTheDay

    ImWaitingForTheDay Annoy a conservative....Think for yourself

    Over the past week I have got calls from 5 cons at my former guy offered 1 dollar a stop after i stopped laughing I told him I would do it for 3 dollars a stop he said he would get back to me....The next one actually said a flat rate of `120.00...Told #2 if its about 40 stops that would work..He also will get back....In other words ya peak is going to be ****ed....
  13. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    Hmm $3 a stop is what single owner operators or get???

    Should go both ways when negotiating with a contractor. Example: $120 salary day & bonus stop pay after 90 stops of $1.25 extra should be ok in your area???

    So when did u leave, because im on the same fence...
  14. bbsam

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    Why don't you know what a question mark is? <<<-----That's one right there!
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  15. Joelbaker

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    What is it with packing way more crap into the truck than can obviously be delivered? They think if they just toss another 50 boxes in the back you'll magically get to them at some point? It'll only cause clutter and make delivering the other :censored2: take longer. Once they put smalls bags into my drivers cab, like literally filling it up from top to bottom so he couldn't even see to drive. I swear ups is ran by damned fools.
  16. overflowed

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    Lot of stress lately mod? Now your job on here is to correct grammer? True colors.
  17. bbsam

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    Hey, I was an English major. Been doing it for years. Where've you been?
  18. overflowed

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    That's nice. Nobody cares here.
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  19. bbsam

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    Then why did you ask, silly?
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    You're starting to sound like Cjinx. Your sister? Cousin?