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  1. Thresher_V

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    Hi, I have been the AM clerk for my center for over 4 years and just last week was told I would "no longer be scanning". Meaning using the GS scanners on holds/missorts/etc and as far as i know my other duties such as putting inventory labels on packages being picked up, notifying the receivers, checking in our supplies and other misc little things I did. I was told the porter would be handling "this end" referring to the clerks area and I would "handle dcap". Can they do that? It isn't much work, but being part time, that cuts my hours even more every week. I love the company and my job and don't want to quit, but I can't afford being cut in hours even more.

    Is there anything I can do?
  2. menotyou

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    My center is so tiny, so I have no idea what a porter is. I was an AM Clerk for a while, so I understand the proprietary feelings you are having. If the porter is union and works the morning sort, then you probably can't bitch. Those packages have to have some type of destination scan after coming out of the feeder. If the porter works any other sort, you might have a case. It is hard to get hours, but conversely that might be the reason you are losing the work. They are trying to cut your hours. Are you getting overtime? Depending on where you work, you might be able to go to driver school for air. Our center has a person go to the airport every morning. Extra hours and great pay rate. You could shuttle late air, too.

    Good luck to you.:happy-very:
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    Porter = house cleaning = janitor
  4. menotyou

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    That is not in his job description, then.
  5. packageguy

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    Where we are, you can not combo a job like clerk porter,
    You should call the union hall. Let them know whats going.
    I hears and see that ups is changing things and employees
    not saying much. The union knows what we tell them.
    We need full time jobs not part time. Goodluck
  6. Thresher_V

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    Normally she, our porter, works as a SPA scanner on the preload, then she does her porter duties. I thought about saying something, but I never get a chance to speak with our steward without management watching and "inviting" themselves into the conversation. I guess now they figure since she's there anyway, why not cut costs and send me home after my 3.5 hours.

    I'm hoping she retires soon so I can have a shot at a combo job, lol.
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    I thought that this contract allowed clerks to decide if they wanted to be in the union. Our morning clerk did not, the afternoon one did. The morning clerk job was eliminated and the duties were added to a 22.3 (preloader, porter combo). The afternoon clerk is a PT position held by a former local sorter. Because the morning person chose to not join the union, we were not able to grieve the lost job. Ironic to me, the woman chose not to join the union because her husband owned a non-union heating and ac company and did not want any part of his family to be in a union.
  8. barnyard

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    In our center as the 22.3s move on to other jobs, the position is eliminated. We just had a 22.3 sign a FT driving bid. Her position was replaced by a pt preloader and a bid was hung for a Saturday air driver.
  9. UnsurePost

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    If she's FT 22.3 then she will get the AM clerical work ahead of you.

    FT always trumps PT regarding seniority and bids, to my knowledge.

    Just check with the union (as others have said) to double check that the work she is doing is within her bid job.

    Also remember, the union and UPS are selling the 22.3s jobs down the river and neither side really cares about either, so SHE may be the one who should be complaining, not you
  10. Thresher_V

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    Actually, she keeps all her hours while the rest of us have to be of the clock at 3.5. They even have us work a few minutes before the shift starts while not getting paid.
  11. packageguy

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    I guess to time to smart up, why would you give them free time. Your working for free.
    They give you noyhing, why would you give them something
  12. menotyou

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    You did not really just say that?!?!?!??? Free work? When did UPS start needing charity? No wonder they make, wait for it,
    in the last 3 months.
    Why do people work for free?
    That's a thread waiting to start.:dissapointed:
  13. packageguy

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    It really pisses my off when I hear this. "they have you work before your shift".
    Sorry to say this but, take off the skirt and high heels. Fight for yourself what is wrong with you.
  14. tre305

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    i wish my workload would be cut as a clerk
    data acq/doing damages/repacks/overgoods/misorts/holds/known closed/scanning packages for the building/ etc etc.
    but hey, im getting the most hrs in my building, besides the one preloader whos been there over 25 years, so i cant complain
  15. The Milkman

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    Being a F/T customer counter clerk for 8 yrs and before that a hub clerk I saw little by little the way the company was trying to downsize the amount of clerks in our district. When a clerk would retire they would try to shift more and more work on the remaining clerks and or P/Ters in the pm.. They wanted me to do hub work at the counter (returns, corrections etc) thus making it look like the remaining clerks did not have enough work for 8 hrs. And of course service failures happened all over the place.

    Work dumped on the counter, work dumped on the overgoods clerks etc etc..There was always unfinished work in the am and pm.. Right after I retired I heard they were moving porters around and changing their job description to again do work that they did not sign up for in the transfer process.. As long as p/ter does not do your work than you have a beef as we got a huge settlement in Jersey just for that , it was paid out to all f/t clerks who had their work done by p/ters.. Are you union? if so I am not sure about another P/ter bumping another one , it should go by seniority like the F/Ters. The company does what it wants to do and if it can get away with it they will continue to test people to see how hard you buck back and stand up to the contract language..I saw all this for almost 26 yrs and alot of times the company would back off if you made noise over the issue.

    The company would like to make all inside jobs p/t and non-union.. Forcing all the drivers to stick it out to retirement. No more inside jobs to make your last few yrs a little more tolerable..They could care less if you leave a cripple...As long as the BILLIONS keep rolling in off the sweat of all our backs.Full or P/t:knockedout:
  16. Thresher_V

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    No one said anything about charity. Free labor keeps their hours available preload hours down which makes their bosses it's about making the supe look good at our expense......oh wait, you knew that right? I forget how many experts this site has...
  17. Thresher_V

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    Clever motto, but that's all it is.... Fighting with other employees at your back is one thing, being the sole one to come forward against 2 suck-up supers and a facility manager who is rarely their because he's working at another center as well...that's something else. I love to see how valiant someone is when it's not their problem, as if they are such a billy badass in their own little world.

    By the way, I, as the clerk am not the one working before my shift.... just the other preloaders... So sorry for trying to get advice on their behalf. I should just say screw 'em....