Am I close to being rehired permanently?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Hastey23, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. Hastey23

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    Hey everyone finally signed up and I need some input on my situation...

    So my uncle is a retired driver and my cousin is currently a driver at the moment and they tell me about how good of a job this could be and i'm 19 and wouldn't mind putting in the time to make this a career so I thought I'd give it a shot and try and get my foot in the door. I applied for seasonal driver helper in early November and got hired but didn't start till the first week of December but i had a blast for the short time i worked! Helped 2 awesome drivers and a feeder driver, straight busted my butt for the 3 1/2 weeks i worked(My last day was Christmas Eve), my drivers really liked me and said I stand out from past helpers and am the kind of worker UPS wants so they annoyed HR and I got called back January 22nd for an info session for a permanent part-time loader/unloader position(twilight shift), there were 8 other guys at the info session and they said we were the best helpers in HUB/center and he said he was hiring 9 people in the next 2-4 months due to part timers moving to driver positions. Session went well and went home and filled out the rest of the application. Around 3 weeks go by and I'm feeling like im not gonna get called back so i called and emailed the HR guy and expressed how I want to make UPS a career and by the end of the day I was called by him and he scheduled me for a one-on-one interview with just him on Feb 17th, the interview went great; was shown how the pay rate works/retirement/benefits/ect, did a background check and all that good stuff. Had to go home and fill out more of the application they sent me and it was asking me for my direct deposit and what I wanna claim on my taxes. At that point my family as well as my drivers i helped were telling me i'm pretty much hired but i'm not gonna claim the title until its official. Later that day the HR guy called me and set me up for a tour of the center on Feb 20th. Went to the tour there were 3 other guys, we seen all the twilight jobs and it was crazy how flawless the way that place is set up! Anyways at the end of the tour the HR guy took our pictures and said it was for an employee ID if we get hired, after that he said we can be hired anywhere from March 1st-March 31st and hes hiring 1 person per week. Since tomorrow is March 1st I'm getting nervous on whether I'm gonna get hired. I really want to work for this company and make a career out of it and if anyone has read this far I say thanks for reading and would appreciate any advice or input on my situation whether it be call HR and ask questions, be patient and hope for the best? How is my situation looking? Do you guys think I have a good chance at being rehired? Any reply is appreciated and thanks again if you read this!
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    Sounds like HR is giving you the runaround. They hire people based on a list of priorities, not simply work ethic or eagerness. This isn't a popular statement I'm about to make but I've seen my HR make very obvious Affirmative Action tax writeoff hires en masse. When the HR person is touring 5 disabled people and 5 guys of a racial minority, it's sort of funny to me now. Why would UPS hire disabled people if not for the tax writeoff. That's a rhetorical question.
    Anyway I've known a lot of young people who got put through the nonsense with HR like that and what seemed to help them was applying to a different shift. Each shift hires independently in my hub and people who never get called to do paperwork to join twilight can invariably get called the next day if they tell HR they want to change their app to preload.
    Preload is the better choice for you anyway if you want to drive. Preloaders, as you probably know, are heavily involved with the driver's work.
    If applying for a different shift doesn't work, I hope you consider a less miserable career.
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    Thanks for the reply Island yea HR said i would most likely load trailers and I checked with my drivers as well as online and they say they're only hiring for twilight. As for the tour the 3 other guys were young and in decent shape so that gave me a good vibe though knowing there considering people who are somewhat fit for the job and look like they are in it for the long run.
  4. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    You helped a feeder driver?
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    Yea one of the drivers I helped worked a huge mall and had to unload a trailer with 150+ boxes every morning to Pottery Barn as well as his truck to the rest of the mall but he usually just left me to do it while he started on the truck so the feeder driver always chit chated with me while i scanned and unloaded the trailer.
  6. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    Ah, we called that city trailer.
  7. Hastey23

    Hastey23 New Member

    Oh okay gotcha yea he was one of those 25 year perfect driver guys so he had a ton of hilarious stories to tell.
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    We have a route like that in my building. Only it is a young guy that runs it. Too much work for a 25 year driver. In my building people are quitting faster then they can be hired. Never seen a disabled person hired.
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    I was rehired by UPS 2 years ago and I am glad that I came back. I was told that because of the a lot of new work that they will be needing more package drivers. I am really glad to have the free insurance, it helps a lot. I have 2 little ones and hopefully I will become a driver soon.
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    The city trailer guy I helped said his job was a piece of cake, all he did was sit in his cab while they loaded his trailer.

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  12. Island

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    And everyone and their brother bids on jobs like his when they are posted
  13. Hastey23

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    Yea dude said he had to wait forever till he became one.

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  15. upschuck

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    From what I understand, this is how it works. After all that interview stuff you get put on a list, they go from the top of the list to offer jobs. The law requires the same percentage of ethnicity hires as interviews. Depending where on the list you are is how quick you will be hired. Eventually you will get the call, but doesn't hurt to call HR and inquire every so often.

    Do you know how long it takes to become a driver from PT? Add a couple years to double what HR says.
    You can take your rose colored glasses off now.
  16. UPSGUY72

    UPSGUY72 Well-Known Member

    It's a waiting game you wait till they call or your can call the HR person or reapply online....

    If you think the wait time long now wait till you have to wait years to get a opportunity for a driver job a UPS and to get the job that guy had that sat around while someone else unloaded his trailer is going to be about 20-25 years.....
  17. Hastey23

    Hastey23 New Member

    Quick update for everyone, got called back and start on Monday!!!

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  18. chris9834

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    You must be out of a small building, out of my building they are constantly hiring folks but I'm in a big city with hi turn over rate took 2 days to get thru the process after my back ground cleared and lucky for me its a 6 month wait for T.C.D. at the current time. Good luck to you they will put you thru 4 days mainly classroom training then another 4 days job specific training atleast at my building and they will give you alittle h*** for the 1st 30 days or should i say for the rest of your career no matter how good you are lol imo nothing impossible. Just keep it positive and brush off all the negativity in the work environment and you will do fine. Good luck.

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  19. joeboodog

    joeboodog good people drink good beer

    Congratulations. This is a tough job but if you work smart you should be able to handle it. Talk to your Uncle and Cousin and get their advice on how to do the job and handle the bosses.
  20. Hastey23

    Hastey23 New Member

    So quick update, my first day the trainer broke his foot so I couldn't get trained so they had me do unload even though they said I would be a loader and unloading was fun and seemed easier than loading. So I came in today to meet the hobbling trainer and we go and start some boring long training video on how to be a loader and loading did not look fun. He leaves the room and 15 mins into the video he barges back in and shuts off the video. I thought I was in trouble at first. He sits down and says change of plans, I've been ordered to train you to be a sorter and he said as a trainer for 10 years he has never seen anyone get this opportunity this fast. So we instantly start getting into zip codes. Got through about a 1/4 of them until he had to leave so he just sent me to unload again an said ill just be doing unload until I memorize the zip codes I guess. Is getting trained so early for a position people usually wait a while for a bad thing I mean it's only my 2nd day as a permanent employee? Or can you become a sorter whenever you want? He also said it was a much easier job than loading and unloading and it's a dollar raise, any input would be appreciated!

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