Am I hired or not?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by newguy, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. newguy

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    I was supposedly hired two months ago as a casual driver.

    Training was delayed first one week, then two weeks, finally three weeks due to vacations. I finally went to the training. Got paid $500, paid a big chunk (20%) to the union, and the rest eaten up by gas to get to the training.

    I was supposed to start the next week, and was told to call the center manager on Monday. I did. He said call Tuesday. I did. He said call Wed. etc. It is now going on two weeks.

    Is this common? I need to work to feed my family. Do I have a job, or don't I? Any and all advice is appreciated.
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  2. CFLBrown

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    If you do get the job, ie.. actually start working. Make sure you file an expense form for the difference in driving from your house to the facility you trained at, minus the milage from your house to the facility that you are working at. :) If it is less milage then disregard this post.
  3. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I would call HR, and ask THEM if I had a job or not.
  4. ragu

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    Did you get paid 500 for one week of training? I only got 250. I was also supposed to work the week after training but it got put off another week and a couple days. It was difficult for them to find a sup to ride with me for 3 days and for an easy route to open up to train me on, this might be the same problem your having. They communicated this to me pretty well though.
  5. driverfollowup

    driverfollowup New Member

    Are you a outside hire ? or are you currently working part-time in a hub?
  6. mrbill

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    Welcome to the REAL UPS:confused:1

    They dont know if they are coming or going!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. newguy

    newguy New Member

    It was more mileage, so thanks for the tip CFL.

    I talked to HR - they said to be patient. It does sound like all the sups are pulling routes so no one has time to drive with me.

    So I guess it is common, seems strange to hire me and then let me sit. I am off the street, not working at a hub, so I do need to work. I can only be patient so long.

    Thanks for the help!!
  8. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Seems to me that if you were hired to be a casual driver AND the sups are all pulling routes...... Wouldn't this be the perfect time to train you??? I mean, they're in the truck anyhow....
  9. newguy

    newguy New Member

    Seems like a Catch22 - but they say that the sups need to get the route done and don't have time to train me. If they let me do a regular route in training it could take 14 hours. They say they need to set up an easy route to train me. But if I got trained, then they wouldn't have to pull a route, right?

    I just want to work. In the meantime, I'm applying elsewhere. I wanted this job, but there are bills that need paying. If they were up front and told me what days I was going to work, I could fill the none work days with something else. As it is now, I call at 7:30, they tell me not to come in, and then the day is shot.

    Tomorrow is another day....
  10. newguy

    newguy New Member

    Well, that's it. Another week without work. I'm outta here. Good luck all!
  11. MissedBusiness

    MissedBusiness NotReallyAMember

    Nice knowin ya. We coulda used another driver................................................
  12. Some sup's will never figure out how to make their jobs easier. They'll just keep complaining like the people they're responsible for. Do the hard work in the short term and your job will be easier in the long term, or just keep playing the victim.
  13. disneyworld

    disneyworld Active Member

    Good Luck to you. You will be better off in the long run.
  14. newguy

    newguy New Member

    Thanks everyone. It could have been a good job, but there were always excuses why they couldn't train me. I was ready and willing to do the job.

    HR person told me once I started I would drive every day.

    Sup told me I'd drive everyday, but no.

    Everything happens for a reason, good luck to you all!