Am I in progression?

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    I have worked in an extended center as a pre-loader for 7+ years. I went to service provider training for part time air exception in 2012. Prior to that I had jumped for a center manager for top pay from 2010-2012 several times. I was on road almost all last summer and all of peak.
    Fast forward to this past Friday. I get a FT bid from another center which I accept. My question is , if and when I make my 30 days, will I be earning top pay or am I in 3 or even 4 year progression?
    I'm hoping I'm nearly done, but I look to the wisdom of the masses to set me straight. Thanks in advance.

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    Your progression will begin with your 30 day training packet. You will stay at your current rate of pay, if its more than the starting rate for drivers, until the progression passes you up.
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    You'll be in 4 year progression. AFTER u make your 30 days.

    My advice is start going to union meetings. A 7 year employee should know what you're asking.
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