Am I screwed? Any advice?

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    So I've been hesitant to post on here in fear that one of my Sups or Center Manager might stumble upon this, but at this point I really feel I have nothing to lose anymore. So here's my story any advice is appreciated.

    I started driving as a casual back in Nov 11' and into the first week of Jan 12' and was a scratch driver but like usual after the season was kicked to the curb.

    From Jan 12' until April 12' I would call in to HR about once a week or so to see if there were any driving positions and informed they weren't hiring any new drivers.

    In Mid April I get a call from my HR manager and he informs me that there are 3 positions available: Casual Driver, part time clerk, and AM air driver and asks me to think about which one I’d be interested in I inform him on I want to be a casual again. Tells me I’ll hear from in a few days. A couples MONTHS go by and I don't hear back from him even after calling 2-3 times a week and I speak to his secretary.

    First week of June rolls in and I FINALLY hear back from my HR Manager and he tells me "Oh we're not hiring casuals anymore but we have this OMS position available and would be great fit because of your Bachelors Degree", I interview...even stating IN the interview that I WANT to driver and then am offered the job two weeks later. OMS job was originally suppose to be from 5pm-1030pm so I decide to get my old job back working 7am-330pm...after my old job tells me I can come back UPS informs me I'm going to be working from 11am-330pm and then a week after I tell my other job I can't work now because of the UPS hours....UPS switches my hours AGAIN to 3pm...sadly this would not be the first time I lost out on another job because of UPS.

    Sept 12' I start working another part time job and a month later my center manager pulls me into his office. Informs me he wants to make me a driver during Peak. Informs me that there will be 3 open positions after the new year…. and that if I show that I can do the job that the GOAL would be to slide me into one of those open spots. Next week I start driving school and a week later I’m driving. I inform my part time job I can not work there anymore. Given a small truck to do 300 stops. Have to come into the building on a daily basis to PU and sort through a budget truck and reload/sort my truck for my last 120-150 stops. When I ask my Center Manager when I should be taking my lunch he tells me to consider this my lunch. Ask him how I am suppose to SCRATCH when I have to come back and etc and he tells me not to worry about it.

    Mid Dec 12' After a day of driving my center manager tells me how the GOAL was never to make me a driver but to put me into management. I informed him that with now having a child I think it would make more sense for both parties if I drive for sometime and then moved into management but that I don’t want to rule out management later on in my UPS career. He informs me he will keep me driving into January and maybe Feburary so I can make extra money. Request to go out with a SUP one day so they can show me if there’s a way I can be quicker…basically to show them how much time it takes me to come back to building and so they understand that is going against my SCRATCH….never have a SUP go out with me. Two weeks later he informs me he can't "use me" anymore and tells me I'm going back to my old OMS job. Since I have access and know how to look it up I saw that I was coming in 1-1.5 hours UNDER SCRATCH and I never ran or falsified documents.

    Jan 13' Take the panel interview for the MAPP even though they inform me its "still part of the process even if you want to become a FT driver". Eventually I am informed I have not passed. I speak with center manager and inform him that I did not pass and that flat out I want to drive and what do I have to do to become a fulltime driver. He informs me that if that is what I want to do he will put in on the top of the list to become a driver and that we will review my training book and times with the District Manager and go from there.

    Feb 13' After seeing that a one time casual is being brought back as fulltime I go to speak with my HR manager and ask him exactly what was going on and inform him about how I didn’t pass the panel interview which he was unaware of. Inform him of the conversation I had with my center manager where he said he would put me at the top of the list and my HR manager informs me that I was never mentioned for driving and wasn’t even considered to go driving. I go back to the center manager afterwards and he tells me basically its out of his hands and that we’ll have to go through my book.

    Mid March 13' My center manager approaches me and tells me he wants me to drive again during this upcoming freeze period but will only put me on the road if I make a full commitment to going into management full time.

    I have also tried speaking with my district manager who said him, my center manager, my HR manager and myself would all have a sitout and discuss my future within the next couple days....that was told to me on March 1.

    I also asked for a transfer which was denied, asked to be put on the list to drive which was denied and asked to be demoted to preload so I could be put on the list which was denied.

    First off I apologize about my rant and I thank you for actually making it this far. I really just want to know how to proceed now, I've tried talking to a union rep but obviously he can't do much for me. Both my center manager and HR manager both just basically laugh in my face when I try to speak with them so talking to them isn't getting me anywhere and my DM doesn't have the time to deal with it and just blows me off whenever I see him or try to talk to him. So ANY advice is appreciated at this point and please refrain from the " who cares you're oms", "should've done your research first" and smart@$$ comments. thank you.
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    They're USING you because you don't even have the guts to take your lunch! Look at all the free money you've made them by working for free an hour every day!!
    They have absolutely no incentive to do anything else with you. Why would they move you anywhere else?

    They're using you, and laughing at you behind your back.
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    My understanding is you still have to do your 30 days driving and make book before you can go into f/t management. So tell them what they want to hear do your 30 then tell them you're not interested in management. It has happened here before and there wasn't a thing they could do. Sure they were p/o'd and be prepared for harassment, but they will eventually move on and you will have gained seniority. You may be too far past this point now but it's worth a try.
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    Where I'm from, Supervisors that go driving do not get to stay drivers. It looks like from your story that you were a casual before you became a PT OMS supervisor. Once you crossed into management, you played right into their hands. I'm PT supervisor. I went driving this past summer and peak season. I had a nice run. I wanted to stay a driver. I asked on a daily basis about the possibility. I tried to speak with the right people but if there's one thing I've learned in my 5 years of management it is that once you cross into management (nowadays anyway) there is no going back. My division manager pulled me back as soon as the new year came.

    They own you now and if you want a career with UPS then you need to play ball. Obviously they think you're talented to some extent if they keep sending you driving. It sounds like your center manager wants you to be an On Road. Its the closest you're going to get at this point IMO. As an on road, you're like their glorified cover driver during the busy season. The pay, admittedly, isn't as good on a per hour basis but still respectable for the quality of employee you get to work with. The professionalism. Take what you can get my friend. There are others who would kill for the kind of opportunity that your center manager, DM, HR man have put before you.
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    Typical UPS BS. You've officially painted a target on your back. You're an easy hire for management with your degree. When you took the OMS position, you pretty much gave up any chance at FT driving for the foreseeable future. They'll use you as a temp driver for peak. They'll hire women and minorities from their pt management ranks first and it's a 7-1 ratio union - outside/management for driving. When you failed your MAPP assessment you fell off their radar. So they'll use/abuse you until you pass MAPP or quit. Those are your two options so far as I see it. Management or bust. Sorry bud...
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    What annoys me in this is that I tried coming back as a casual and after not hearing back for months was told they don't have positions except the OMS position. My thinking which I would assume would be typical for most people was that atleast I'm in the company....and I even told them in the interview I wanted to drive. As far as the 30 days goes there's the freeze period again now so that won't matter and I've seen 6 insiders so far this past year get to 29 days and they tell them "you can't cut it" so I'd never get past 30. It's just amazing that because of my degree they want to keep me from a full time job because they say "why would you want to waste your degree on driving" and that's the only reason they give me for not putting me on the road again. Just makes me sick knowing I have a family to take care of now
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    If that's the case, get out now. Why waste your time at UPS? It's obviously not for you. Move on bud. You'll be happier.


    That story sounds very familiar!!! and people on here called me a woe is me storyteller, you are proof that this thing happens in other centers and when people say that's UPS they Mean that's UPS and the way it is and will always be unfortunately, your mistake was going in to management. Good Luck and there are a few Corporate Bigwigs that care, you just have to find out who, I wish I could tell you but I cant.
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    It is sad but they are using you as they need you. Your willingness and eagerness that they see plays into their hands. They can use you for driving or whatever and get away with paying you Union wages. It will continue trust me. Anyone at Ups any length of time will tell you that you will get just enough lip service to keep you on the hook.. That is the way Mgmt works at Ups. They will tell you anything to meet their needs of the company. I went through some of that when I was trying to be hired but back then it was a different Ups. Hang in there but untill you make the Union you will be a pawn. My Avatar tells you what I think of them and how they act:peaceful:
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    They did the same with me. They told me they had no driver positions open but did have management. I said no thank you, please call me when a driver position opens up and left. I was able to do this because I saved all my money as a casual. 3 months went by and I got the call for driver position. They have hated me ever since. Lol
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    It is a familiar story, read all the threads on pt mgmt.
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    you at this point have very few options,,play nice do your job quit harrassing your center manager, make like you are there to do your job but when a preload spot opens up keep trying to get in eventually they will give in or have the ball enough to tell you you are either management or nothing..
    you say you have a family bite the bullet become a fulltime sup.. unfortunatly those are your options...

    i am/ was in the same spot earlier this year and will be in a worse spot next year..driving 4 yrs, casual I know i''m next outside hire but it didnt happen this year and they were pushing for me to be fulltime sup.. i declined and am driving again this year ,,, but next year they will have TCD's and i know won't have casuals in summertime..and informed my sup of my concerns and he says he hopes to have me in driving ft. no later than feb'14..It sucks for you because you made the jump to management..once you're in you can't get out... here anyways.sorry
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    just watch the glowing tip of a cigarette while you relax