Amazon’s Pitch to Woo Shippers: Fewer Fees Than FedEx, UPS

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    Amazon’s Pitch to Woo Shippers: Fewer Fees Than FedEx, UPS - Wall Street Journal

    New seven-day delivery service offers to pick up parcels and bring to residences, without added fuel or weekend surcharges Inc., which is rolling out its own delivery network, is trying to poach shippers from FedEx Corp. and United Parcel Service Inc. by targeting a common complaint: fuel surcharges and extra fees that drive up the cost of home deliveries.

    Amazon recently expanded its nascent home-delivery service, called Amazon Shipping, beyond test markets in London and Los Angeles. The online retailer is offering to pick up shipments from merchants’ warehouses and deliver them directly to shoppers, The Wall Street Journal has previously reported. The end-to-end service is part of Amazon’s quest to build up its own delivery network and handle more of the millions of items sold through its site.
  2. I'm surprised there's no discussion on this one. Amazon delivering their own stuff it's no big deal, delivering other people's stuff, taking it away from us, is a cause for concern.
    I know that a lot of their workers are garbage , but consumers want free shipping and companies want to pay less for it.
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    Abney and his puppets are more interested in their severance packages from AMZN than about the state of the company. Let AMZN take it all, it will be theirs eventually.
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    Why don't we just refuse all Amazon packages for a month and see what happens.
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    Should have been done a long time ago... ups would rather help them build their network first then eventually when they realize what its cost us it won't even matter. As most of us realize in a daily basis, ups is run by idiots.
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    When I'm walking around back of a house, or into a business and I don't see anyone right away, I call out "Amazon!"