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  1. I was driving home Monday after getting off early from work since it was a holiday and I had nothing to do. I saw an avocado green truck (looked like an old Grumman) that said Amazon Fresh on the side. It had grocery items displayed across the truck so I assumed they deliver groceries. We'll, I decided to check it out on line and found out that, yes, they do deliver grocery items
    i.e. staples, meat, seafood, diapers, ect. as well as restaurant menu items ordered days in advance. For Prime members you can get free 2day del as with regular Amazon orders. There's a membership fee of $299/yr and a minimum of $35 per order for delivery. From what I've read, apparently you can have fresh items delivered and left at your door along with other Amazon products regularly ordered (Amazon supply not third party items). With your order comes free Aquafina water. The fresh food comes from high quality stores near you area for the freshest quality. Has anyone else seen these del trucks? There seems to be a lot of good reviews for this service.
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    La, San Fran or Seattle not too many cities right now
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    Amazon Fresh - sounds like a feminine product for large, warrior-type women.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if their drivers are run ragged and underpaid.

    They're probably the FedEx Ground of the grocery industry.
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    I worked with a few of them!!
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    I wonder if Amazon will contact grocery chains that already have a delivery service and contract with them. When I was PT at UPS, I applied to deliver groceries with a local chain. I signed my FT bid the same day they called for an interview.