Amazon looking to cut out the middle man?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by HubBub, Jul 20, 2012.

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    We have many same day couriers here, and no UPS is not 1 of them.
    Either they will contract them out, or do it themselves - but I see contracting out as the first option.

    I might evn do that, if it happens here ! :)
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    UPS can. There is an Amazon warehouse in Oklahoma City. I live about 1.5 hours away. I placed an order on a Friday. According to the tracking, the package was scanned at the warehouse right around midnight Sunday/Monday. Somehow it made it onto the trailer, and arrived at my local center around 4:XX AM. I will-call'd it and picked it up around 9am. That's nine hours from ship time to pickup. Pretty damn good if you ask me.
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    There is more than 1 potential competitor out there. Here's an article about a start up that helps small trucking companies get access to customers and boost their competitiveness.

    "eBay for shippers" Atlanta firm raises $15M - Biz Journal

    The Atlanta-based transportation management software startup has developed technology that matches small and midsized businesses with shipping carriers, and automates shipment tracking and processing.
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    You could probably have a beer with your lunch!
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    The OP said "same day"---that means ordering today and receiving it today. UPS does offer this service but it is incredibly expensive.
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    To me, same-day means it's delivered on the same day that it's shipped. If they have warehouses in every major city, a lot of these packages will be delivered the same day they are shipped, at very little cost to the buyer.

    Now, if we're talking same day from the point of ordering to delivery, that's a different story entirely. That all depends on the shipper and how quickly they process the shipments. I wasn't aware that's what we were talking about here.
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    Yes, same day literally means you order it today, it gets delivered today. Courier companies offer this service. Usually the couriers charge a per stop cost to the shipper plus a small per pkg cost. Very large shippers will use couriers even if it's for next day delivery where they have multiple pkgs going to the same consignee. Usually couriers are more expensive for a single piece, but cheaper for multiple pieces. I see a lot of larger companies utilizing these couriers if they are big enough.
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    Will you list UPS as a reference?
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    Fedx ground started same day then 2 day then then then they have millions of deliverys a day amazing how a company could do that has anyone ever heard of a company doing that? THEY SHIP SOME PKGS BY MAIL WE END UP WITH IT THEN SEND STUFF BY US THE MAIL ENDS UP WITH IT.THEN WHEN THERE ARE CLAIMS IT HAS TO A PAIN TO FIGURE OUT HO DELIVERED IT. UNLESS IT WAS LAZER DELIVERY THEN A GOOD PART OF ARE MISS DELIVERED IN THE AREA IM IN
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    Sales tax is a large factor into my purchasing items from Amazon. Take away the 7% discount and I will just go to the local Target or Fry's for my items without the wait time.
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    E-bay is doing the same now. hmmm, wondering how this will effect UPS and fdx ?

    EBay tests same-day delivery with big retailers

    SANFRANCISCO (Reuters) - EBay Inc is testing a same-day delivery service with big retailers including Target Corp, Best Buy Co and Toys "R" Us Inc, as the world's largest online marketplace steps up competition with rival Inc.

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    I see a BIG money loser in that idea.
    Perfect side job for you.