Amazon Plans Start-Up Delivery Services for Its Own Packages

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    A threat to UPS as well as FedEx Ground, from both a diverted volume perspective and labor pool.

    Amazon Plans Start-Up Delivery Services for Its Own Packages

    The company announced Thursday a new program aimed at helping people start their own businesses delivering packages for Amazon.

    For a minimum investment of $10,000, people in the United States will be able to open and manage their own delivery service handling Amazon packages. Although the couriers will not be employees of the company, they’ll get access to Amazon-branded vehicles, uniforms and more.

    By the company’s calculations, an owner could earn as much as $300,000 a year in profit by operating a fleet of up to 40 vehicles.
  2. That's only $7500 a route....
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  3. 1989

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    So essentially become a center manager for up to 300K a year.
  4. Yaba Daba Do

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    And a $400k investment (if it costs $10K per route)
  5. Indecisi0n

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    Lets see how motivated your employees are after they find out the wages and benefits.
  6. Yaba Daba Do

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    Just buy a couple routes around where your UPS route is and have your drivers deliver your UPS packages too. Get paid from Amazon and UPS for doing no actual work win/win.
  7. Tightupser

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    You get 5 trucks with your 10k investment, my question is how are they gonna find people to work people dont even wanna work for us as well as we get paid plus the benefits we get
  8. 1989

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    Screaming deal if you can profit 300k a year.
  9. Yaba Daba Do

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    Managing 40 drivers would be a major pain in the D*. You'd probably have to stop by the local Home Depot every morning on your way to work to pick up some "cover drivers".
  10. Avi

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    In the long run this seems like lower wages or wage increases "to adjust for inflation" plus less benefits.
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    Well, that may be good for me. We own a company that produces portable shelving systems for the package delivery industry. Check out I have worked for UPS for 33 years and have discovered that the future is in contract drivers. And the industry is growing and needs shelving solutions especially for peak season rentals. Please spread the word for PRF shelving solutions .
  13. OrioN

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    If they pay better than my current investor class group, I'm taking my purple promise work ethic and donning the blue uniforms instead
  14. OrioN

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    Conflict of interest... plus helping a non-union company would be like stabbing your own members in the back
  15. OrioN

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    Dunno if spamming is allowed.

    U should target the national rental companies ; it's a good concept
  16. OrioN

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    @John Conod you sell your systems to the rental companies... they, in turn, can offer them as a supplemental expense for anyone that rent the box truck or cargo vans.

    Heck, have your shelving on display at the entrance or showroom area of some rental places to see those units 1st hand
  17. John Conod

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    We are working hard on getting the word out. Everything cost money. Your idea to approach the rental companies is exactly what our goal is. The challenge is introducing a new concept two companies that have blinders on. We will continue to pursue that goal. Any help from you folks out there in the package shipping industry will greatly help. Please share our website with your friends.
  18. John Conod

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    Thank you for the word. It is definitely a good concept, but there is a lot of work in spreading the word about the new product. Our goal is to have these shelving systems in the rental trucks as an accessory that the rental companies can profit from. UPS has already said to me that that would be a great avenue for their use of the product. Please share with your friends in the industry our website and the videos on YouTube. Any help from you would be greatly appreciated.
  19. 12yearsaslave

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    Well, it's an interesting concept. 2 questions: why would you install a temporary shelf and then fold it? will the rental companies allow drilling in their truck walls?
  20. Fred's Myth

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    As far as folding shelves go, you need shelves for delivery set up, and minimizing them allows for bulk pick ups. Two birds, one stone.
    As for drilling, if the slats are left attached, the rental company probably wouldn't notice.