Amazon Prime Air Will Grow to 200 Planes, Rival UPS, Study Says

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    Amazon Prime Air Will Grow to 200 Planes, Rival UPS, Study Says - MSN Inc.’s Prime Air fleet will grow to about 200 planes -- up from 42 now -- in the next seven or eight years, creating an air cargo service that could rival United Parcel Service Inc., according to a study.

    “At a time when many other airlines are downsizing due to the pandemic, Amazon’s push for faster and cheaper at-home delivery is moving ahead on an ambitious timetable,” said the report issued Friday by DePaul University’s Chaddick Institute of Metropolitan Development. “Amazon Air’s robust expansion makes it one of the biggest stories in the air cargo industry in years.”

    Amazon unveiled the air cargo service in 2016, prompting speculation that it would ultimately create an overnight delivery network to rival delivery partners UPS and FedEx Corp.
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    Should have already had the ups ecommerce website up and running by now.
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    I could have sworn Bezos said drones were the future, not airplanes.
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    It was a diversion! And so is this! Amazon just bought up 4 separate tank/armored vehicle factories. Makes you wonder...
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    Yet another from advertisement for a company.
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    YUP! My thoughts exactly