American Disability Act

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    Confused and don't know where to go for answers. I woke up 4 years ago and couldn't move. I ended up having 5 back surgeries,I been on Long-Term Disability. Now I'm on Disability through the state. My Long-Term Disability ends in 2020 only if they keep approving me,it could end at anytime. I been with UPS for over 25 years, I was told that I couldn't come back unless I come back as a Package car driver. I heard about the American Disability Act, my question is, can anyone help with information about how this works or someone I can contact to help with my rights and what's best for long term. Thanks in advance.
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    Get a labor attorney that specializes in ADA.
    UPS won't help you.
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    /Lock thread.
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    Art 14.3
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    Toot, toot.